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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Romances


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks top ten topic was a freebie all about romance. I decided on the topic of favourite romances in both books, TV and movies. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted the The Broke and the Bookish.

So without further ado, here is this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, favourite romances.

41hB6RMAWdL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_1) Eleanor and Park from Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I love this couple so much. I have read Eleanor and Park a few times now and I have also listened to the audio book. Every time I read this book I find something new about their romance. Their romance is one that has made me cry, laugh and hold my breath. I know I will be reading over their romance as the years go by because of how caught up in their story I get.

2) Hermione and Ron from the Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

harry-potter-hermione-ron-romione-j-k-rowling.jpgI know that a lot of people believe that Hermione should have ended up with Harry but I am not one of them people. I remember always wanting Ron to end up with Hermione. I loved reading about them and then watching them grow closer. They went from not being the best of friends to being together. Their romance and the build up to their romance is one of my favourite love storylines.

9780007260829.jpg3) Rosie and Alex from Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

This is a romance that I was routing for from the beginning of the book. They are a couple that should be together but something is always getting in the way of them being together. I remember just wishing that something would go right for them. When the film adaptation of this book came out (Love Rosie) I was quick to watch it. It was nice to watch the romance I had read about play out on screen.

74) Finch and Violet from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This is one of the romances that you see in books that is completely unexpected. The two people are complete opposites. I remember this romance taking me by surprise quite a bit. I loved reading about them both growing closer and the up and downs both of them faces. The both support each other and that is something I love reading about.

5) Dana Scully and Fox Mulder from The X-Files

img_1789-1Now this one is a difficult one. It isn’t a romance in the sense that they are a couple. The two of them throughout the series flirt and fall out and act like a couple. Although they aren’t a couple their romance has to be one of my favourites ever. I loved watching the show and waiting to see the next episode in their romance. There are my favourite tv show characters of any show I have watched, they both make me laugh and I have even cried at parts in this series. I just love the weird little romance that Scully and Mulder have.

There you have it, this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, favourite romances! Let us know in the comments below your favourite romances. This has definitely been a tough topic as I don’t want to spoil a lot of books for people so that is why there are only 5 romances on this topic. Sorry about that.

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Romances

  1. Rosie and Alex’s story was so special… I have to read the book, but I’ve watched the movie countless times!
    Also a fan of Ron&Hermione! I root for them together, Hermione & Harry are the best of friends and I see chemistry between them but it’s friend-chemistry! 😉

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  2. I never thought Harry and Hermoine were a good couple. I know that even JK Rowling has said that she wishes she’d gone that way, but I love that Hermione and Ron found each other instead. I love that their relationship started antagonistic and then grew into love.

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