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The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Hey guys, this is a post I have been waiting to do for so long but now I can finally do it! Last Sunday the 2nd October I went to the making of Harry Potter studio tour! I went for my 19th birthday weekend which was perfect. Top tip for everyone reading this, if you do happen to go to the making of Harry Potter and it is your birthday weekend and/or birthday, let a member of staff know. They will give you a happy birthday badge and you get given a special job to do on your tour!

As soon as I walked into the studio tour I was in awe. Even the entrance area is beautiful. They had a little Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them display whilst I was there because it was 48 days until the release of the film. Whilst I waited to go into the tour I wandered around the gift shop. That is an adventure in itself, it has literally everything.

Now the little job I was given because it was my birthday was to open the doors to the Great Hall! Me being the Harry Potter nerd I am couldn’t believe this and or wait to do thiScreen Shot 2016-10-07 at 09.51.38.pngs.

Here is a picture of me stood next to the gigantic and extremely heavy Great Hall door. The guide shouted “Welcome to Hogwarts” and me and all the other brithday people pushed open the door. My reaction wasn’t caught on camera because my family weren’t there as I walked inIMG_0375.JPG but I can tell you now it was one of extreme happiness and shock all in one. Standing in the actual Great Hall of Hogwarts was breath taking. I was the only Ravenclaw on my tour so when the guide asked for a cheer for Ravenclaw I cheered as loud as I could as the sole member of Ravenclaw house. After standing in awe for a while in the Great Hall I eventually moved on further into the tour.

I don’t want to give away too much but I will show a few pictures and speak about a few IMG_1519.JPGthings on the tour. There are so many sets to see and so much information to take in I’m sure that even if you went 20 times you would find something new. Seeing Dumbledore’s office took my breath away. I shouted “Lemon drop”loudly at the entrance to the office and didn’t get any weird looks because you are with people of the same. I had to have a picture in front of it with my boyfriend like the Harry Potter nerds that we are.

As you wander round the first section you see a lot of the sets from the film and I promise you that will take your breath away. There are so many things you don’t realise are in the film but they put so much effort into when making the set.

IMG_9632.JPGThere is a big wall that has the heights of Harry and Ron during the first film, compared to Hagrid and Dobby. Me being as short as I am wanted to know how I compared to Harry and Ron. Quite clearly as seen in the picture, I am the same height as Harry and Ron were in the first year of Hogwarts. Little 4ft 11 me at 19 is the same as Harry and Ron at 11.

There is so much to take in as you go on through that I’ll leave that as a suprise for you. But as you walk into platform 9 and 3/4 the joy that I felt was unreal. It really is like a train platform with the Hogwarts express in it. I IMG_3434.JPGreally felt like I was on the way to Hogwarts on the train platform. You can go inside the Hogwarts express and its carriages are dressed as different scenes from each film.

In the backlot you can get yourself a cup of butterbeer. Of course I had to. It tasted delicious. I got it in the souvenir tankard so I could have butterbeer at home.

As you continue to wIMG_2070.JPGalk outside there are the gigantic sets and props from the film. Including the Knight bus, a section of the Hogwarts bridge, Privet drive and the Potter’s cottage. I took so many pictures with my boyfriend David on the bridge and the bus.

I wish I could have stayed there for longer, there was so much to take in and so many things to do.

Now the ending of the tour I want to keep a surprise for anyone who is going to go to the tour. But I will tell you thing, it is beautiful. So beautiful that it made me cry happy tears.

I had the best birthday weekend possible going to the Making of Haryr Potter Studio tour. All the staff were lovely, helpful and willing to answer any questions you had and give inside knowledge. Plus all the staff I spoke to and walked passed wished me a happy birthday which I thought was lovely. I left the studio tour with an awful lot of merch and my family and boyfriend bought me birthday presents from there. Including a Dobby necklace, Luna Lovegood’s wand and a few t-shirts.

If you ever get the chance to go to the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour, take it! You won’t be disappointed, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the films or books it is still fascinating.

There you have it, my extremely long post about the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I’m sorry it is so long. Tell me if you enjoyed this sort of post in the comments below and also if you have been to the studio tour and what your favourite part of it was.

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      1. I’m so excited. I’m really bummed actually because we will be there during the special screening of Fantastic Beasts but the tickets are completely sold out! It sounded like such a neat event!


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