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This is the page where you can find all the book reviews I have written sorted by authors last name.


Acevedo, Elizabeth – Clap When You Land
Albertalli, Becky – Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Albertalli, Becky – The Upside of Unrequited
Albertalli, Becky and Silvera, Adam – What If It’s Us
Albertalli, Becky and Saeed, Aisha – Yes No Maybe So

Alston, B. B. – Amari and the Night Brothers
Anderson, Laurie Ha
lse – Speak
Anoshi, Queen – Her Shifter’s Future


Barker, Brooke – Sad Animal Facts
Barnard, Sara – Destination Anywhere
Barnard, Sara – Fierce Fragile Hearts
Barnard, Sara – Goodbye, Perfect

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – The Inheritance Games
Barr, Emily – The One Memory of Flora Banks
Barr, Emily – The Truth and Lies of Ella Black
Beashel, Amy – The Sky is Mine
Bird, Faye – My Secret Lies with You
Bourne, Holly – The Places I’ve Cried in Public

Bowman, Akemi Dawn – Summer Bird Blue
Bowman, Akemi Dawn – Harley in the Sky
Brosgol, Vera – Be Prepared
Brown, Savannah – The Truth About Keeping Secrets


Cameron, Sophie – Out of the Blue
Carey, Anna – This is Not the Jess Show
Chait, Gavin – Our Memory Like Dust
Cheung, Sue – Chinglish
Choi, Mary H. K – Permanent Record
Collins, Orlagh – All the Invisible Things

Collins, Suzanne – The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Coles, Chloe – Bookshop Girl

Cotugno, Katie – You Say it First
Curran, Kim – Slay
Curran, Kim – Slay on Tour

Cuthew, Lucy – Blood Moon


Daniels, Lucy – Christmas At Mistletoe Cottage
Darbon, Mel – Rosie Loves Jack

Darnton, Tracy – The Rules
Daughtry, Mikki and Lippincott, Rachael – All This Time
Dawson, Juno – Meat Market

Dawson, Juno – Wonderland
Dillon, Lucy – All I Ever Wanted
Donoghue, Emma – Room
Doyle, Möira Fowley – All the Bad Apples


Ellis, Kat – Harrow Lake
Emmich, Val – Dear Evan Hansen
Evans, Kathryn – Beauty Sleep


Fletcher, Carrie Hope – In the Time We Lost
Fletcher, Carrie Hope – On the Other Side
Foster, Charles – Being a Beast
France, Tan – Naturally Tan

Frick, Kit – I Killed Zoe Spanos


Garrett, Camryn – Full Disclosure
Garrod, Beth – Super Awkward
Garrod, Beth – Take A Chance On Me
Gomes, N.D – Blackbird
Gomes, Natália – We Are Not Okay
Gregory, Karen – Countless
Gregory, Karen – I Hold Your Heart
Green, Simon James – Alex in Wonderland

Green, Simon James – Heartbreak Boys


Hamilton, Karen – The Perfect Girlfriend
Han, Jenny – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Audio Book)
Harcourt, Maggie – Theatrical
Harcourt, Maggie – The Pieces of Ourselves

Hayes, Hazel – Out of Love
Heathfield, Lisa – Seed
Hussey, William – Hideous Beauty


Iacopelli, Jennifer – Break the Fall


James, Lauren – The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker
James, Lauren – The Quiet at the End of the World
James, Lauren – An Unauthorised Fan Treatise
Jawando, Danielle – And the Stars were Burning Brightly

Johnston, Dave – Atomic Number Sixty
Johnston, Dave – Massacre of the Sixty
Jonhston, Tyrell – The Wolves of Winter


Kemmerer, Brigid – Call It What You Want
Kemmerer, Brigid – More Than We Can Tell
Keplinger, Kody – That’s Not What Happened

Kepnes, Caroline – You
Kilgariff, Karen and Hardstark, Georgia – Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered


Lawrence, Patrice – Eight Pieces of Silva
LaZebnik, Claire – Things I Should Have Known
Leiris, Antoine – You Will Not Have My Hate
Light, Alex – The Upside of Falling
Lindstrom, Eric – A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

Lockhart, E. – Again Again
Lockhart, E – Fly on the Wall
Lord, Emery – When We Collided


McManus, Karen M. – The Cousins
McSmith, Tobly – Stay Gold 
Mann, Manjeet – Run Rebel
Marshall, Tim – Prisoners of Geography

Martins, Vitor – Here the Whole Time
Mathieu, Jennifer – The Liars

Matson, Morgan – Since You’ve Been Gone (Audio Book)
Menon, Sandhya – When Dimple Met Rishi


Ness, Jonathan Van – Over the Top
Nielsen, Susin – We Are All Made of Molecules
Nielsen, Susin – Optimists Die First

Niven, Jennifer – Breathless
Niven, Jennifer – Holding Up the Universe
Norton, Graham – Holding


Orwell, George – 1984
Oseman, Alice – I Was Born For This

Oseman, Alice – Loveless


Paige, Danielle – Mera: Tidebreaker
Pearson, Ridley – Super Sons: The Polarshield Project

Poston, Ashley – Bookish and the Beast
Poston, Ashley – Geekerella

Power, Rory – Burn Our Bodies Down
Power, Rory – Wilder Girls

Pratt, Non – Every Little Piece of My Heart
Pratt, Non – Unboxed


Rahman, Yasmin – All the Things We Never Said
Ralph, Vincent – Are You Watching?
Ribay, Randy – Patron Saints of Nothing

Rosen, L.C – Camp
Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor and Park (Audio Book)
Rowling, J.K -Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay


Salisbury, Melinda – Hold Back the Tide
Sami, Annebelle – Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds
Sami, Annebelle – Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot
Sedoti, Chelsea – The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett
Sheinmel, Alyssa B. – Faceless
Sheinmel, Alyssa B – Faceless (Audio Book)
Simon, Matt – The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar
Stainton, Keris – My Heart Goes Bang

Stainton, Keris – One Italian Summer
Slater, Kim – A Seven Letter Word
Smith, Kristen – Trinkets
Stamper, Phil – The Gravity of Us
Starmer, Aaron – Spontaneous
Steven, Laura – The Exact Opposite of Okay

Stone, Nic – Dear Justyce
Stroud, Jonathan – The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud
Stroud, Jonathan – The Golem’s Eye
Stroud, Jonathan – Ptolemy’s Gate


Thomas, Angie – The Hate U Give
Todd, Hannah – Hello Me, it’s You


Various Authors – Proud the Anthology – Various Authors


Wen, Abigail Hing – Loveboat, Taipei
Weston, Kate – Diary of a Confused Feminist
Whitehead, Colson – The Underground Railroad

Williamson, Lisa – Paper Avalanche
Williamson, Lisa – First Day of My Life


Yoon, David – Frankly in Love
Yoon, Nicola – The Sun is Also a Star

Young, Emma – Here Lie the Secrets

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