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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d name a dog/cat/child/car etc. after


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks topic is characters I would name a dog/cat/child/car etc. after. This topic sounds like a really fun one to do. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted the The Broke and the Bookish.

So without furthur ado, here is top ten Tuesday, characters I’d name a dog/cat/child/car etc. after.

1. Maggie from the Simpsons

I actually already have something named after Maggie from the Simpson. The picture above is my little Westie Maggie, who is now 8. I was given the job of naming her the day we went to pick her up. I opened a drawer in my room saw a Simpson comic with Maggie Simpson on the front. That is home my dog got called Maggie.

2. Quentin from Papertowns and an episode of X-Files


I really like this name. I can’t explain why but I really like the name. It is slightly unusual and unique. I don’t know if I would ever actually call a child Quentin but I do really like this name and possibly name a child Quentin.

3. Hazel from the Fault in our Stars


I love the name Hazel. I think it is beautiful. I have only met a couple of people named Hazel in my life and then read about Hazel in the Fault in our Stars. I think this name would be really nice for a girl, it would be beautiful and unique.

4. Jessie from Toy Story


I love this name for a dog or a car maybe. I just think it would work for a dogs name that you could shorten to Jess. Or if you named your car Jessie it would work too.

5. Kevin from Up


I know this sounds silly but I have wanted a bearded dragon for years now and I have always wanted to name it Kevin. This is after Kevin from Up. This is one of my favourite films and Kevin is one of my favourite characters so I want to name a bearded dragon Kevin.

6. Fox from X-Files


As much as people say this is a stupid name. I would love to name a child Fox it is just a very unusual name. If it suits Fox from X-Files as much as it would a child I would love to name a child Fox.

7. Doug from Up


I think this one is pretty obvious. I want to name a dog Doug because Doug from Up is one of the best dogs ever. Plus if calling him Doug made him speak in a language that I could understand, I would for sure name my dog Doug.

8. Russell from Up

2013-07-09 051.png

I think I would name a car Russell. I just think it is a name that would work for a car. Plus if it was after Russell from Up and he is a Wilderness Explorer this would work even better because if he was a car he would be exploring the wilderness.

9. Evie from On the other Side


I think this is a really sweet name for a girl. Evie is a brilliant character in On the other Side. If a child of mine grew up to be anything like Evie I would be so happy. I just like the name Evie really.

10. Matilda from Matilda


I think Maitlda would be a good childs name as well as a good dog name. I know someone called Matilda and her name is shortened to Tilly a lot. Which I really like. Plus Matilda reads a lot of books and if it is my child and has my traits I am sure they will read a lot of books.

There you have it, my top 10 Tuesday, character I’d name a dog/cat/child/car etc. after. This top 10 Tuesday has a lot of characters from Up in and I can only apologise for that. It is one of my favourite films. Let me know in the comments below what characters you would name something after.

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Until next time,

Happy reading


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