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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Gifts


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks topic is a holiday gifts freebie. So being a book blog I decided to do book gifts. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted the The Broke and the Bookish.

So without further ado, here is this weeks top ten Tuesday, book gifts.

gatsby_tee_unisex_m_limegreen_front.png1) Litographs

Now I think these are the perfect gift for book lovers. Especially if they have that persons favourite book in the collection. A litograph is classic books and favourite books printed on a t-shirt, book or scarf around a design based on that particular book. I am sure you can guess which book is on the t-shirt on the right. It contains a lot if not all the words to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I think these are just a perfect way to walk around in your favourite book. You can find Litographs here.

515hle8bsl-_sy498_bo1204203200_2) Personal Library Kit

Now this one is only for people willing to lend out there books to family and friends. But it keeps track of all the books you are lending and giving out to people. I’m sure if you owned this you would actually feel like you owned your own library. Lets all be serious I’m sure with the amount of books we all own we could all start libraries. I just think this is a perfect way to lend out books and keep track of them at the same time. You can find the Personal Library Kit here.

il_570xN.666183929_8hi6.jpg3) “I Read Past My Bedtime” Poster

We all do this. All reader read past their ‘bedtime’. I feel as though this would be the perfect addition to a reading nook wall, a book shelf or any wall really. It shows your love of books all whilst telling the utmost truth about all book lover. We all stay up past our bedtimes to read. You can find the “I Read Past My Bedtime” Poster here.

il_570xn-1083901317_f2bi4) Vintage Bookshop Candle

The smell of books is a marvellous one. Be that old or new book. This candle in particular smells of vintage bookshops. I think this candle would make a perfect addition to everyones reading environment by making the room smell amazingly of a vintage bookshop. Who wouldn’t love that smell! You can find the Vintage Book Shop Candle here.

fullsizeoutput_2b10.jpeg5) Vintage Book Kindle Case

Kindles are delicate pieces of tech that definitely need a case on. I think that these cases are perfect for the classic book lovers out there. Not only will it protect your kindle but it will also show your love of classic books. All whilst looking beautiful. I think this is a perfect gift for all kindle users out there. You can find the Vintage Book Kindle Case here.

il_570xn-577141442_f2xr6) “I Like Big Books and I cannot Lie” Mug

Almost all readers I feel when reading sit down with a drink. Be that a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or just water. So this is perfect to show your love of reading through your mug. Not only is this mug adorable but it is also practical. I also love the quote on the mug. You can find the “I Like big Books and I cannot Lie” here.

hch46fx_mu7) Library Embosser

I think this idea is amazing! This little embosser can be personalised for you or a book lover friend to say “Library of…”. Not only will you be able to identify your own books but it also looks amazing and personalises all the books you own. You can find the Library Embosser here.

8) My Bookmark

These bMB126_6.jpgookmarks are beautiful. They are all handmade and there are so many to choose from. There are Harry Potter bookmarks, Festive bookmarks, and fun bookmarks. They all have little feet/tails that stick out of the end of your book. I love these because of how much work goes into each one and how incredible they look. You can find the collection of My Bookmarks here.

il_570xN.406575338_tmgn.jpg9) Book Nook Pillow

This pillow is something you could cosy up next to whilst reading your books. Be this in a reading nook or just on your bed. You can simply just use this pillow to keep your self cosy and comfortable when reading your books. No book lover is going to go amiss with a book related pillow. You can find the Book Nook Pillow here.

tb,1200x1200,small.2u1.jpg10) Tea and Books Tote Bag

We all need something to carry our huge amount of books around in and this is perfect. This tote bag dons the phrase “All I really need is tea and books”. For an awful lot of book lovers this is exactly the case. I think it is perfect to carry all your books around in whilst showing off your love for books. You can find the Tea and Books Tote Bag here.

There you have it, my top 10 Tuesday, book gifts. All the gifts featured in todays post are things I researched my self and my opinions are all my own. I am not sponsored by any of the suppliers of these gifts.  Let me know in the comments below what gifts you would give to a book lover.

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Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Gifts

  1. What a great list! I havent seen many of these items on other peoples’ lists, especially that embosser! I always like my books to have a personal touch to them, but I hate writing in them (mostly bc my handwriting is a mess!). I’ll be looking into getting one for myself – who needs to buy presents for others when you can buy presents for yourself :’)


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