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Down the Reading Hole: My Dream Loot Crate

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Hey guys, it’s Lois here. Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days I have been quite ill so, I took time to recover. But, I’m back now and with a very exciting post. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Loot Crate about participating in their dream crate project. I jumped at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to do it. Problem was I got so busy with university work and just everything in general I have only just got around to doing the post. That doesn’t mean I’ve lost the excitement though!

Loot Crate, if you don’t know already, are a subscription box service. They provide monthly subscription boxes which contain 4-6 items that fit the geek or gaming of that month. They have so much more than just the original Loot Crate, others include: J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate, Loot Anime, Loot Gaming and even Loot Pets.

I took a long time trying to decide on the theme that I wanted. At first I wanted a full Hamilton themed box, then I thought about a X-Files themed box. But, when it came down to it I stuck to my roots and what I love the most which is of course reading. The theme name is cheesy but does the job just right.

Down the Reading Hole


1. Litograph T-Shirt

WewereliarsI could’t not include a Litograph in a reading themed Loot Crate. Litograph’s are classic and favourite books printed on a t-shirt, book or scarf around a design based on whichever book you choose. They contain most if not all of the words from that particular book. For my dream crate I chose the book We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I am a huge fan of the book and thought that Litograph‘s are the perfect way to walk around in your favourite book. You can find them here.

2) My Bookmark: Harry Potter

Bookmark.pngThese bookmarks are beautiful! They are all handmade and there are so many to choose from. For my dream crate I decided to pick the Harry Potter House colours socks bookmark. You would get the bookmark that corresponded to your Hogwarts house. For me it would be Ravenclaw. They all have little feet/tails that stick out of the end of your book. I love these because of how much work goes into each one and how incredible they look. You can find them here.

3) Books Are My Bag Tote Bag

Book bag.pngI had to include something in this box to put all of your books in! I am always carrying around a book if not two in whatever bag I am using. I thought this tote bag was beautiful. Books Are My Bag is a nationwide campaign that celebrates books and bookshops. I love the idea of having one of their products in my dream crate. It would promote buying books as well as reading books. Plus, who doesn’t want something that looks nice to carry their precious books in. You can find BAMB here.

4) Where the Wild Things Are Pop Vinyl

wtwta.pngIt wouldn’t be a Loot Crate without including a Pop! Figure. I collect them myself and I love seeing all the new ones that are brought out. As soon as I spotted the have a Where the Wild Things Are series I had to include one in my dream crate. I love this story so much and the Pop! Figure would look perfect standing on a bookshelf. I think it is terrifyingly adorable!

5) Read More Books Print

read.pngAgain, it wouldn’t be a Loot Crate without including a nice art print. When I was looking around for one that I wanted to include in my dream crate I wanted something simple but still looked really nice. I came across the Read More Books print whilst browsing Etsy. It is beautiful and simple, plus it carries the message all readers want to hear. I just thought that this print would round off my dream crate quite nicely. You can find the print here.

There you have it, my dream loot crate! This was so much fun to do! I tried to keep it as simple and as bookish as possible and I think I did a pretty good job. I would certainly buy it if it was a Loot Crate. Let me know in the comments below what you would include in your Dream Crate.

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