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The Playlist Shuffle Tag



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Hi guys, it’s Lois! The lovely Zuky @ Bookbum tagged me in this a long time ago. I am finally getting round to doing the tag! Thank you Zuky for the tag! I am big music fan so this is going to be a fun post!

The Rules:

  • Put your music on shuffle and list the first 15 songs to play (no cheating)
  • Tag 10 others to do it as well.

Zuky posted her favourite lyrics from each song, so, I have decided to do that too.

1) I Can Sleep Tonight by Circa Waves

I haven’t listened to this song in ages! I saw Circa Waves live a couple of years ago and I think they are one of the bands that actually sounds better live.

Favourite lyrics: “I’ve got a knot in my stomach that I cannot untie.”

2) For Baltimore by All Time Low

Gotta love a bit of All Time Low! I cannot wait for their new album to be released in June! I need more All Time Low songs!

Favourite lyrics: “Mayday situation overload, I’m restless, obsessed with your future, and all my worries they don’t bother you, collected, you render me useless.”

3) Shine a Light by McFly

Another song by an amazing from a fantastic band! I am desperate for McFly to release a new album it has been way too long!

Favourite lyrics: “Tell me can you hear my voice, loud and clear above the noise”

4) Thinking of Me by Olly Murs

I haven’t listened to Olly Murs in a long time and I’m not really a fan of his music anymore.

Favourite lyrics: “Are you still rocking converse with your old Raybans”

5) Rock n Roll Suicide by David Bowie

This is on my iTunes thanks to David. But still I am a fan of David Bowie. The favourite lyrics below are David’s, he is a big Bowie fan.

Favourite lyrics: “You’re too old to lose it, too young to choose it.”

6) Fall by The Vamps

This is from way back when I was a big fan of The Vamps. Met the a few times and then just lost interest in their music.

Favourite lyrics: “You say you’re ready, ready to go. I say I’m ready, why don’t we just fall?”

7) Good Timing by Luke Friend

I went through a phase where I really loved his music. I even learnt some of his songs on my guitar. I think I might listen to more of his work after hearing this again.

Favourite lyrics: “While the others stand and wait to feel pure,We accept the love we think we deserve.”

8) T-Shirt Weather by Circa Waves

It appears I have a lot more Circa Waves on my iTunes than I thought! This is such a summery song though and I might just put it on my summer playlist for this year.

Favourite lyrics: “I remember T-shirt weather, I remember some days, We were singing our lungs out, in the backseat together.”

9) Someone by Lucy Spraggan 

Lucy Spraggan’s music is fantastic! I was remember stumbling across her music one day and wanted to play all of her songs on my guitar instantly.

Favourite lyrics: “You may never find the missing link, You may never paint a work of art, But you will find faith where they say it is , It’s all ready in your heart.”

10) I’ll be in the Sky by B.o.B

I remember trying to learn all B.o.B’s lyrics in high school. I think I mastered one of his songs and that is about it. Still I was a big fan of his music

Favourite lyrics: “But all of this ain’t gonna matter when I a die and say good bye so long, Sayonara I’ll have to catch you tomorra maybe, cause baby.”

11) Outer Space/ Carry On by 5SOS

Back from my 5SOS days. This was one of my favourite songs by them. I used to belt this out when I was driving anywhere. I have completely lost my interest in them now sadly.

Favourite lyrics: “If I was an island in search of castaways, maybe I’ll find you here, and the rain—it came too soon. I will wait for you, to love me again.”

12) No Pressure by Justin Bieber

Oh the Bieber. I never actually listened to this song I got the album online and then just never bothered listening to it. I was once the biggest Bieber fan back in 2011. I now think he is a complete idiot.

Favourite lyrics: “You ain’t gotta make your mind up, you ain’t gotta make your mind up right now, right now, don’t rush, no pressure.”

13) Volcano by U2

I couldn’t help but laugh when this one came up! It is from that album that Apple put on everyones iPhone and no one could delete. Never listened to it apart from now.

Favourite lyrics: “Your eyes were like landing lights, they used to be the clearest blue.”

14) Grow Old with Me by Tom Odell

Tom Odell’s music is beautiful. I tried to get tickets to see him about 3 years ago and couldn’t find any. I can imagine his concerts would have been amazing though.

Favourite lyrics: “I’ll pull the sheets, when it’s cold on your feet, cause you’ll fall back to sleep, every time”

15) Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran

My favourite song from the latest Ed Sheeran album. I think one journey to uni I only listened to this and then swapped back to my Hamilton CD. It is such a beautiful song though.

Favourite lyrics: “She took my name and then we were one.”

Tag You’re it:

Jess @ Beaucoupbooks // Crystal @ Lostnagoodbook // Jackie @ Toomuchofabooknerd // Vikki @ Meandmymundanelife

No pressure to do this tag! Also sorry if you have been tagged before!

Thanks again to Zuky for tagging me in this. It was nice to do something with music for a change and it brought back a lot of music I had completely forgotten about!

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10 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag

  1. Ah holy crap. Tom Odell was by number one when his first album came out! I followed everything he did like a hawk. I’m not sure a fan of his newer stuff, but back then I was addicted! I almost hit him with my car door when I went to go see him live haha!
    Great post Lois 💖

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