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Book Review: Atomic Number Sixty by Dave Johnston

Atomic Number Sixty (Sixty Minute Reads Series Book 1) by Dave Johnston31291641.jpg

Pages – 147

Released – 4th August 2016

Publisher – Sixty Publishing

Genre – Fiction/Crime Thriller

Rating – 4.5/5

Imagine being locked in a dark and dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb. The bomb showing just sixty seconds before it explodes. “What would you do, if you only have one hour left to live?”. Holly Holloway is just about to find out.

This book has such a unique concept, with just 60 chapters, each of which is set in real time taking the reader just 1 minute to read. This is where the name “Sixty Minute Reads Series” comes from.

I have never come across a book with a concept like this before but it works magnificently. The narrative of this book is so captivating that you will want 60 minutes to spare so you can read it in one sitting. We get an in-depth look into the minute by minute playing of Holly Holloway’s final 60 minutes. It is a fast paced read that follows the protagonist in real-time.

I finished this book in just under 60 minutes which is perfect for a short read during a lunch break or on a commute. The protagonist Holly Holloway was likeable and intriguing for me within the first two minutes of reading. The way the world and setting are developed within this book are very much how you would expect them to be. They develop perfectly over the short time you are reading this book. There are thrilling moments, tenses moment, sad moments and even some humorous moments throughout the book giving you a variety of feelings during your time reading it.

Dave Johnston has written this exceptionally and the idea that he has created is one that is extremely unique.

The only problem that I had with this book is that, the ending is just slightly predictable. This is due to many hints throughout the book, that if you spot lead to you assuming the ending. But still, the ending of the book has its unexpected moments.

Atomic Number Sixty is a fiction/crime thriller book that I would definitely recommend and will be recommending to my friends. I cannot wait to follow this series and see what is in store.

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