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Top Ten Tuesday: Things I am Thankful for


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks topic is things I am thankful for. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted the The Broke and the Bookish.

So without further ado, here is this weeks top ten Tuesday, things I am thankful for.

img_20701) My Boyfriend David

I am thankful for David because he is always there for me. He is my best friend and always makes sure that I am feeling my best and calms me down when I am stressed which I am a lot. Basically I am thankful to have someone who loves me for who I am, cares for me and constantly makes me the happiest girl alive.

2) My Family

IMG_7910.JPGI am thankful for my entire family. They are the best and I really mean that. My Mum knows if I’m not feeling well or whatever I’m feeling even when I am not with her. With 2016 being an extremely stressful year I am thankful for the little things they do for me. I am always receiving silly pictures or messages to cheer me up throughout the day. Thank you to my entire family for looking after me all the time. 

IMG_2412.JPG3) Glasses

I am thankful for glasses. This is going to sound stupid probably. But I am so thankful that glasses exist. If they didn’t I wouldn’t be able to read, drive, pretty much do anything. Being short sighted and slightly long sighted it is crucial for me to wear either glasses or contact lens. I am thankful for getting a new pair of glasses for my birthday that I love and really enjoy wearing everyday to make sure I can see. (There are my glasses with the usual butterfly snapchat filter all girls use. Still you can see my glasses.)

4) Harry Potter img_2014

I am extremely thankful for Harry Potter this year. I have always loved this series but this year I seem to love it even more. Having been lucky enough to get to visit the Making of Harry Potter on my birthday weekend this year I found out how happy Harry Potter made me. It seems to be one of the things that takes my mind off of everything as soon as I pick up the book or watch one of the films.

5) My Dog MaggieIMG_2370.JPG

I am thankful for my dog Maggie. She is a little Westie that I have had for about 8 years now. Maggie is my little best friend. Even though at the minute she doesn’t get excited when I come back home I still love her. I am thankful that despite all of her health problems that she has had she is still here with me and my family.

6) Books

I am thanIMG_2347.JPGkful for books. All of my books. I own so many books, which means I own so many worlds to transport myself into. I am so grateful for the fact that I have such a deep love for reading and that it is one of my favourite hobbies to do. Thank you to all those amazing authors out there for sharing their stories with us. 

7) Hamilton

I am thankful f9d385e17b32d3bc19cf46e7fee92527e9ada5662.jpegor the musical Hamilton. I only discovered this musical a few weeks ago. I had heard about but never looked into it. Until I decided to on a whim buy the CD. I haven’t regretted it once. It is spectacular! I have listened to the CD on the way to work, uni and pretty much everywhere I have driven. It is currently my go-to music choice. I love it!

8) Blogging

cropped-screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-23-44-561.pngI am super thankful that after such a long time of deciding whether or not to start a blog I went for it. I have only been doing it for just short of 4 months but I love it so much. I am part of such a lovely community who all share my passion for books. It gives me a place to write my feelings down about the books I have read. As well as making so many new blogging friends, all whilst doing my favourite hobby of reading.

9) Dr Martens

dr-martens-boots-dr-martens-1460-smooth-boots-purple.jpgI am thankful for the shoes Dr Martens. I have always wanted a pair of Dr Martens but because I only have size 1 feet I have always struggled to find a pair for myself. But this year I have now got 3 pairs of them. At a lot cheaper than the adults size would be thanks to my small feet. I also finally found a pair of purple Dr Martens which I have been looking around for in my size for years.

10) My Health

Finally, I am thankful for being healthy and well. I have gone through this year only being ill a few times and none of them being bad. I made be anxious and stressed most of the time but I am healthy and I am still getting on with my life. So I am thankful for that.

There you have it, my top 10 Tuesday, things I am thankful for. Let me know in the comments below what you are thankful for.

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Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I am Thankful for

  1. I understand about glasses! I’m so glad we live in a time when they are so accessible and that we can help everyone see the beauty of the world as clearly as possible.


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