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Book Review: Massacre of the Sixty by Dave Johnston

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Title: Massacre of the Sixty (Sixty Minute Reads Series Book 2) (2016)
Author: Dave Johnston
Genres: Adventure, action, crime, thriller, fiction and drama
Publisher: Sixty Publishing
Release Date: 25th November 2016
Rating: ★★★★☆
Reviewed by: Lois


“The billionaire Mengistu is running a competition with a ten million dollar prize fund: 60 minutes, 60 players, no rules, a straight fight to the death. Massacre of the Sixty attracts only the depraved and psychotic.. Can Holly Holloway survive the carnage to discover more about the shadowy agency “The Hollow Falx”? It’s gonna be brutal, it’s gonna be violent, it’s what she’s trained for.”


This is the second book in the Sixty Minute reads series. It is a book series with a unique concept as each book in the series has just 60 chapters, each of which is set in in real time and takes the reader approximately 1 minute to read. That is where the name Sixty Minute Reads comes from.

I was a huge fan of the first book in this series Atomic Number Sixty and couldn’t wait to read the next instalment in Holly Holloway’s turbulent life. I had a couple of hours to spare the other night so I decided to pick this book up and read it right through to the end.

The first chapter of this book was reminiscent of The Hunger Games for me which isn’t a bad thing at all because it is one of my go-to series. This was due to the dystopian elements that were presented to me in just the first chapter.  Further on in this book it became a lot darker and there is a lot more blood and gore compared to The Hunger Games. There is a lot more action packed into the 60 short chapters of Massacre of the Sixty in comparison to the 450 pages that The Hunger Games has. I enjoyed that Dave Johnston did this in this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time I was reading and couldn’t concentrate on anything but this book once I had go into it. At the start, I wasn’t a fan of the amount of blood and gore but once I understood more about why there is so much my opinion changed.

Dave Johnston developed the world of Holly Holloway quickly and perfectly in the short time he must do so. In this instalment, we as readers learn more about the other characters in Holly Holloway’s life and the world she is in. We learn more about the job that Holly Holloway has and how she came about to get her job. We also learn about the group of people she interacts with.

This book has thrilling moments, intense moments, some sad moments and, at times, humorous moments. All of which give the reader a variety of feelings throughout their time reading.

The only problem I have with this book would have to be at times I did get confused with the amount of characters with different names were introduced into the story. But once you get your head around this, the book is almost faultless.

Overall, Massacre of the Sixty is a crime thriller book that I would recommend to fans of thriller books and those who were fans of the first book in the series. I will be recommending this book to my family and friends for sure. Once again, I cannot wait to follow on with this series and see what it has in store.

Thank you to Dave Johnston for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review. Find his book here.

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