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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Fandoms I’m a Part of


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks top ten topic is 10 fandoms I’m a part of. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted the The Broke and the Bookish.

So without further ado, here is this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, 10 fandoms I’m a part of.


1. Hamilton Fandom

I am so happy to be a part of the Hamilton Fandom. I joined the fandom quite late though. I had seen lots of things about Hamilton but never looked into it until I saw the CD of the musical whilst I was out and about. I bought it put it straight in my car and I have never looked back. I will be seeing it in London in April next year and I am so excited.

7f6ab10e54851c2765f90690cf1490b6.gif2. Disney Fandom

I guess I can class this as a fandom. I have been a Disney fan pretty much all my life. I was introduced to it at a really young age and I have never lost interest. I am lucky enough to say that I have been to Disney in Florida and in Paris. I am specifically a big Lilo and Stitch fan and own way too many Stitch things.

img_20143. Harry Potter Fandom

I think anyone who follows or reads this blog regularly will know that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I am currently trying to work out when I will be able to go to the studios again this year, I hope it will be around my birthday time. I love the Harry Potter fandom though it is so nice and loving and full of really nice people.

tumblr_inline_mk6p4gVgXP1qalum0.png4. Hopefuls Fandom

This is the Carrie Hope Fletcher fandom. I have been a part of it for a good few years now and I love it the same as I always have. I view Carrie as a big sister. Carrie just announced her new and upcoming book last night and I am so excited to see it and give it a read! I’m sure it will be fantastic

sticker,375x360.u3.png5. Galaxy Defender

This is the McFly fandom, McFly are a band from the UK. This is going to sound like a huge lie but I promise it isn’t. I have been a McFly fan ever since I was 5. My Mum introduced me to them just after their first single was released and I went to go and see them on the first ever tour that they did. I have since been to every tour they have ever done in the UK and sometimes even seen them twice on a couple of their tours.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 23.38.24.png6. Weekling 

Now this “fandom” only got a name as of last week. It is “fandom” that the runner doesn’t really like being called a “fandom”. TomSka is a YouTuber mostly known for his ASDFmovies. He also posts weekly vlog videos that I am a huge fan of. They are what I watch right at the end of my Monday at university. I have been a huge TomSka fan for a number of years now and love the content he posts.

DanPhilLiveTour_615x4007. Phandom

This had to be included purely because of how much I try to hide I am a part of this fandom but it cannot be hidden. I love watching Dan and Phil videos just to escape the world for a little. Phil always had weird and wonderful videos to post and Dan makes me laugh as well as realise my life isn’t all that bad. I love their gaming videos and just find them an hilarious pair.

8. Marvel Fandom

tumblr_oei414w1hy1uuxzsno1_500I am a huge fan of both the Marvel films and the Marvel comics. I just enjoy taking my time to sit and watch an interesting film. I can mostly be seen in either Marvel t-shirts or another fandoms t-shirt in my daily life. I specifically love the Guardians of the Galaxy film and cannot wait for the sequel. The little baby Groot keyring on my keyring also shows my love for the film.

9. Home Alone Fandom

tumblr_nyk876y0et1rc0yuao1_500Now I don’t really know if this is a fandom but if it isn’t I am creating it right here. I watch all the Home Alone films (bar number 4) at least 5 times each every Christmas. As well as occasionally throughout the year. They make me so happy and just laugh out loud. They always cheer me up and always make me laugh.

10. The X-Files Fandom

tumblr_olxz8kfqd31v7q6a9o2_500.gifI do love the X-Files. I think it is really obvious to anyone who passes by me day-to-day that I love the X-Files. My backpack has a lot of patches on it that link to the X-Files. I have the iconic I Want to Believe on there as well as an alien and a big one that says Spooky Mulder. I just love their partnership. Even though some of them can be terrifying they can also make me laugh out loud!

There you have it, this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, 10 fandoms I am a part of! Let me know in the comments below the fandoms you are a part of as well as leaving links to your Top 10 Tuesday!

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Fandoms I’m a Part of

  1. Oh great fandoms! I love Home Alone and “Phandom” too! And I can’t wait for Guardians of Galaxy too!!
    Here’s my TTT


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  3. I love the fact that you have Hamilton and Disney so high up! 😊 I’ve only just restarted my blog, but this has definitely reminded me I need to get Hamilton on here more. Disney, well I did plenty of that before my hiatus 😂

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