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Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms I’m no Longer in


Hi all, it’s Lois, hope you are doing well. This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is all about fandoms I’m no longer part ofThis post was quite a hard one. It’s hard to think of fandoms I’m no longer in

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly challenge, find the Goodreads group here.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 fandoms I’m no longer part of.

1) One Direction Fandom

I was a huge Directioner in my early teenage years. I saw them in concert a couple of times, back then I really enjoy it. But, as time has gone on and my music taste has changed I just lost all interest in the band. The only issue is now that they are all releasing their own music I am listening to it all out of curiosity. Harry Style’s songs are the only ones I like so far though.

2) The Vamps Fandom 

I found the band The Vamps when they only had a few thousand fans. I was just browsing YouTube and came across one of their covers and became a fan instantly. Over the years I have met them a few times and seen them in concert many times. I once stood outside in the cold and on and off rain for 7 hours to meet them. They are another band I lost interest in when my music taste changed. But, it seems my love for them has been passed on to my younger sister who met them and saw them live just a couple of weeks ago. So, I still get regular updates on what the band are doing now.

3) The Walking Dead Fandom

I used to be a huge fan of both the TV show and comic book series The Walking Dead. I made sure to keep up with every new episode as well as every new comic. After watching the first episode in the 7th series I seemed to lose interest in the series altogether. It wasn’t grabbing my attention anymore. I think eventually I will get back into watching the show, but, not at the minute.

4) Twilight Fandom

I was a part of this fandom but only for a very brief period. I tried to read the books whilst on holiday one year and remember it took my 2 months to read the first in the series, so I gave up with the rest. My high school friends took me to see I believe it was the 3rd movie, which I enjoyed. So, I watched all of the other movies and bought the DVDs so I could rewatch them when I liked. I did this once. I just couldn’t get back into the films and didn’t want to give the books another go. I think if the films had been done better I would have enjoyed them more.

5) YouTube Fandom

Now this doesn’t mean I have completely lost interest in all of YouTube and all YouTubers. I have only lost interest in a certain few. I am still a big fan of Dan and Phil and TomSka and a few other people. But, I have lost all of my interest in the YouTubers Alfie Deyes, Zoella, Jim Chapman, etc. I have just lost interest in that side of YouTube. I think I outgrew the content they were putting out and didn’t enjoy watching their videos. I have nothing against them as people at all. They are all people that my younger sister looks up to and watches everyday. They just aren’t for me.

There you have it, this weeks Top 5 Wednesday, fandoms I’m no longer a part of. Comment below the fandoms you are no longer in as well as links to your T5w!

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms I’m no Longer in

  1. I used to follow loads of Youtubers as well, now I don’t watch that many videos anymore… For me I used to be in the Supernatural fandom really hard, but I stopped watching it around last year and lost interest in it.

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