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June is a Wrap!

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Hey guys, it’s Lois. June has been another hectic month. I am currently in Lanzarote with David (Holiday!) and taking a break this afternoon to write this post.

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This month in terms of reading hasn’t been as bad as May! I have actually finally got out of my reading slump! I think the holiday has done me really well. I began reading on the plane here and have wanted to do every break we have had which is wonderful! Even though I have only read one full book this month I am nearly finished with a second. So, I know I am on the up for next month!

This month I read Fly on the Wall by E. Lockhart. This book is hilarious and I read through it so quickly. E. Lockhart’s books seems to be the perfect books to start on a plane journey for me. I plan on giving it 4 stars and will be reviewing it very soon, so look out for that!


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I was a big fan of all the things that I posted this month! Somehow I managed to post less than I did last month. I think because I have been on holiday for a few days this month I just haven’t posted as much as I’d like. Again, I hope to change this in July. Here are my Top 5 favourite posts from June.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Side Ships

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Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 17.38.42.pngI am currently 4 books behind schedule and I blame my reading slumps that I have had for the past couple of months. I hope to catch up over July especially now that I am out of my reading slump. Hopefully next month I will be at 20 books!

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June has been another hectic month. I continued trying to look for a full-time job. It seems like I am getting nowhere. I received feedback from the interviews I have had this month. All the feedback was that I didn’t have enough experience and I had put myself in a bad position by leaving university after the first year. It was extremely disheartening to hear that. I left university as it wasn’t the right thing for me alongside a few other very good reasons, like I wasn’t being challenged enough. I am trying my best to get experience but it isn’t easy to do. When I ask for advice on how to get experience I just got told to go back to university.

IMG_3422.JPGAs mentioned earlier Me and David are currently spending a week in Lanzarote. I’m already very sunburnt but that is what I get for being really pale-skinned. It has been lovely waking up seeing cloud and then all the clouds being gone within an hour and it being really warm and sunny. We have been going on walks in the morning and then chilling in the afternoon before going out for food. It has been wonderful and I really want to come back here again.

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I think because I am going on holiday in June this TBR isn’t too far from what I think I will read! I know I will read a lot on holiday and I am planning on reading more whenever I have a spare few minutes.

  • Countless by Karen Gregory
  • Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer
  • It Started with Goodbye by Christina June
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
  • Truth or Dare by Non Pratt

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There you have it, June is over with! I cannot wait to see what July holds! 

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6 thoughts on “June is a Wrap!

  1. So happy to hear that you were able to get out of your reading slump! Those are the absolute worst!

    LMAO tell me about that pale-skinned life! We spent 3 hours at a pool a few weekends ago and I DID apply sunscreen but missed some of my upper arms (and the back of my neck, because who thinks of that???) and ended up with a bit of a sunburn – but thankfully it didn’t hurt.

    I hope you have a great time on your holiday!

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