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July is a Wrap!

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Hey guys, it’s Lois. July has been one heck of a month! I feel as though I have done a lot this month even though I really haven’t!

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This month in terms of reading has been the best of the year so far! After finally getting out of my reading slump last month I have wanted to read at any opportunity I have had this month. I have read 4 books this month, which might no sound like a lot but for me it is a lot after being in a reading slump for so long!

This month I read Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han, Countless by Karen GregoryOur Memory Like Dust by Gavin Chait and Super Awkward by Beth Garrod.

I am getting round to reviewing all these books this month. I have already reviewed Our Memory Like Dust. My favourite of these four books is definitely Always and Forever Lara Jean. I love this series and it had the perfect ending in my opinion.

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I have been really bad when it came to posting this month. I didn’t seem to have the time at all to post. I am certainly going to put more time aside in August to get a post up at least 5 times a week. One month I will get back to posting everyday again. Here are my top 5  posts of this month.

I Don’t Know What to do!The Liebster Award Part 2.
Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2017 so far!
Our Memory Like Dust Blog Tour and Book Review!
Top 5 Wednesday: Books that aren’t Set in the Western World

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Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 13.05.14.pngI am still 4 books behind schedule. I must not read quick enough! I really hope that I will get to 40 books read this year. But time will tell I guess. I don’t want to push myself to reach that many books read because I feel that will take away from the joy of reading. Still 20 books is good for me when I have been in a lot of reading slumps this year!

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July has been another hectic month. I continued trying to look for a full-time job. I really feel like I am getting nowhere with it. I got so annoyed the other week that I wrote this blog post: I Don’t Know What to do!. All the feedback I hear from the companies I have interviews at is extremely disheartening to hear. I know eventually I will find a job but at the minute I am losing my mind applying for jobs and getting nowhere.

img_3710.jpgLast Sunday I went to a blogger event in the Waterstones near me. It was fantastic. I met a lot of new bloggers that are local to me. We all were given a lot of books completely free as well as a lot of random bookmarks and postcards. It was so much fun and I really hope there will be another one soon. Going to that event also cemented that I want to go to YALC next year!

Also I watched the new Spider-Man movie this month. I think I am going to write a review on the film. I am a huge Spider-Man fan and had a lot of thoughts when watching the new movie!

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I have a few books I really need to finish this month so they have been pushed up on my TBR!

  • Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green
  • It’s Not You It’s Me by Stephanie Kate Strohm
  • All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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There you have it, July is over for another year! This year is going way too quick! 

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