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Carrie Hope Fletcher Event!

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Hey guy’s it’s Lois! Today I am going to quickly talk about the exciting events I will be attending in the next couple of weeks!

tumblr_static_a5ltg6h940wko4kw0koo0c040.jpgAs a lot of people know I am a huge fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher both as an actress, singer, youtuber and author. So, when I found out that she would be in Manchester performing in The Addams Family musical as Wednesday Addams, I knew I had to go and watch. On top of that she is also going to be doing a book signing whilst she is in Manchester. I could not miss going to both of these events!

Carrie Hope Fletcher is one of the few people I class as a role model for a number of reasons. She is so lovely and personal with her followers that I feel like she is my older sister. Her first book ‘All I Know Now” was a life-line for me whilst I was in college. This book being part memoir and part advice was fantastic! I loved finding out more about her but the advice she gave also helped me so much. I still follow a lot of her advice 2 years on.

“On the Other Side” was her first fiction novel. I read it whilst on holiday last year and it has been my favourite book ever since. I have passed my copy around my entire family and made them all read it. I am also always mentioning this book on the blog.

tumblr_opi0svsWkO1r2w874o1_500.gifThe book that the signing next month is officially for is her second fiction novel “All That She Can See”. I am starting reading this book tonight to be read before the event. I am so excited to see what this book has to hold!

So, to wrap this post up I will be sure to post pictures from the book signing which is at the beginning of September. Also, next Wednesday is when I will be seeing Carrie as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family and I’m sure I will be tweeting a lot before and after the sure so be sure to follow me on Twitter @loisreadsbooks. I shall stop fangirling over Carrie Hope Fletcher now!

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