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A Day in the Life!

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I was trying to think about blog posts ideas whilst at work today and was thinking about what I like to read. I love to be nosy and see what people do with a typical day in their life. So, I thought I would share with you all a day in the life of me. I hope my day isn’t as boring as it seems to me. I currently work in the office of a supermarket which has very weird and horrible working times. Here we go!

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04:45AM: Beeeeppp, beeeeeepppp, beeeepppp

Why does my alarm always sound like the worlds loudest sound. I scramble around in the dark trying to find my phone and proceed to slap it until the alarm is turned off.

05:15AM: Beeeeppp, beeeeeepppp, beeeepppp, I should get ready now

 I should probably get up now after 10 alarms have gone off. Quick, find a blanket it is way to cold to move! Ooo, what has happened on Twitter since I went to bed, a video of a cute dog I have to watch this! Oops, I need to leave in 5 minutes I best wash my face and get dressed. Run, run, RUN I am going to be late!

05:40AM: Panic I am going to be late for work

I need to be at work for 6 but my car is freezing and I need to pick music for the drive a couple more minutes before setting off won’t hurt. The roads are so quiet early in the morning this is magical. Quick, 5 minutes before I need to start work get inside now!

06:00 – 10:30AM: Work work work work work

6am is such a horrible time in the morning, the only intelligible sounds I can make are yeah morning…. How many emails can one supermarket receive over night? Way too many. New products, which of them will I buy just out of interest, most of them probably.

I best start checking the gaps on the shelves. How have all the corn flakes I put out yesterday sold already? Gap checks take forever, how is there this many gaps after I sorted it all yesterday!

Someone else answer the phone please, please, please! Nope, I guess I’ll have to then. Good morning, Lois speaking how can I help? Sorry I don’t know when the store next door opens, I’m sure if you give them a call they will let you know.

10:00 – 10:30AM: Food time!!!

What do I fancy today? A big mug of hot chocolate and a few slices of toast as usual. How has half an hour passed already all I did was check Twitter and Instagram.

10:30AM – 12:00PM – Best finish off my jobs for the day

I need to keep track of what I am meant to be doing because I have definitely forgotten to do something today. Why does the stock of that particular herb have to be checked? No I am not piece of muck on the floor sir I am just here to help you when you have any questions whilst shopping. Thanks for putting me in a bad mood.


12:00PM: Home time and more food time!

I am so hungry I need my lunch immediately. Best catch up on what is going on in the world. Oh look it is going to rain again tomorrow, what a surprise!

1:00PM: YouTube and writing time!

I best get a couple of blog posts written whilst I have the time. Ooo, Dan and Phil have uploaded a new gaming video I best watch it. No Lois don’t get distracted write your blog post! I am so tired but I don’t need a nap.

3:00PM: Wonder where I am and what time is it

Why is it that every time I sit in a chair or on my bed I end up having a nap. I just wasted 2 hours of my time and feel so much worse for it. Naps are amazing but I always feel terrible after them. Best get back to writing this blog post.

6:00PM: What is for tea?

What do I fancy for my tea tonight? Noodles or pizza or mash potatoes? I best ask my family what they fancies first. Local news time, do they ever have any stories that aren’t upsetting or would the news not be news then? Oh look, rain for the next 3 days, what a complete and utter shock.

8:00PM: I should go for my shower

Wow, have a looked this tired all day! I will have an early night tonight for a change. Bed by 10:30! Wash my hair and get it dry. If I don’t plait my hair right away I am going to look like a lion in the morning. Why do my layers always stick out in all directions and not stay in the plaits like they are suppose to. Pyjama time! Another hot chocolate and more YouTube videos for me. I’ll read a few blog posts as well.

10:00PM: Bed time for me

I best get in bed and read for a little. Twitter, how have you distracted me again! I’ll be clever lie down and take my glasses off, turn the light off and only read my kindle. I’ll be asleep in no time!

11:00PM: Why Lois why?

What happened to the early night I was meant to have? Alarms on, phone down, kindle down and try and sleep. I am going to be so tired in the morning.

04:45AM: Beeeeppp, beeeeeepppp, beeeepppp

Rinse and repeat!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

I hope that wasn’t too boring! My days aren’t all that eventful but they certainly do feel very long. What is a typical day for you like?

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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life!

  1. ‘Why Lois why’ is certainly a part of the day I can relate to. Way too many late nights recently. (Ciaran has a week of early shifts this week so will be waking at 4.45am also so I imagine I will be rudely awoken by the cats after he leave to let them out) x

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