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Floored Blog Tour: So here we have them.

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Hey guys, I am so excited for this post! I was so excited to get this opportunity to be part of the Floored blog tour. I am the last stop on this tour for my little group. For the past week the seven of us have created posts inspired by the first line from the beginning chapters of Floored.

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My line was, So here we have them:

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So here we have them:


Rosie is a 16-year-old girl who is slightly overweight for her height, she loves all thing geeky and spending time with her friends. She is very shy and anxious and has a crush on the guy from the gelato stand! (Holly’s post about Sarah)


Sarah is a 15-year-old who is in love with photography, her favourite kind of photos to take are candids. she is quiet after she was outcast by her previous friendship group. Sarah dreams of travelling and loves wearing French chic style clothes. She is quiet after she was outcast by her previous friendship group. (Sammy’s post about Sarah)


Sasha dreams of travelling to places she cannot afford. She adores Harry Potter and is a proud Hufflepuff. Sasha loves spending time in her bedroom as it is her sanctuary and has to budget her money a lot. (Emma’s post about Sasha)


Newcastle is a beautiful place in the North East of England that is full of many things to do! Newcastle has theatres, beautiful architecture, castles, museums, bridges and much more. The people up North are friendly, how can you not like the North? (Steph’s post about Newcastle)


Alyce is half-Jamaican and loves spoken word poetry. She loves wearing skinny jeans with Dr Martens. She is from the beautiful city of Brighton. Alyce is also crushing hard on her best guy friend Will who is a popular spoken word poet. (Grace’s post about Alyce)


Tabitha is half-Ethiopian and half-British. She is gay and loves her German Shepard. Tabitha also takes care of her mum. Her favourite films are Brother Bear and Carol. (Ross’ post about Tabitha)

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This is the end of a wonderful blog tour week! I loved working with the 6 other bloggers I got paired with. Here are all the blog posts in order, read them all to find out the full story!

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Wednesday – A Cornish Geek
Thursday – A Little But A Lot
Friday – Almost Amazing Grace
Saturday – The Royal Bookshelf
Sunday – ME

Also check out my review of Floored here.

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