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My Pin Collection!

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I recently did a poll over on my Twitter @loisreadsbooks asking whether you’d be interesting in seeing my pin collection and the answer was yes! I tried to round up all my pins, I have probably forgotten a few, but this is my pin collection so far. I am going to spilt it into sections and explain the pins a little!

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Bookish Pins


Stories are Wild Creature pin: I recently got this in a Fable and Black mystery book and love it!

Book Worm pin: I got this pin a couple of Christmases ago from my Mum. It was from Waterstones and sums me up perectly!

Book Club pin: This is another pin that I got from the Fable and Black mystery box. I am currently not in a book club but hope to be soon (Sarah and Sophie, I am looking at you!)

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost pin: This is one of my favourite quotes from LOTR’s and when I saw this pin on the Fable and Black website I had to get it.

Harry Potter Pins

IMG_20180723_164727.jpgHappy Birthday pin: I got this pin when I want to the Warner Brothers studio tour for my birthday. I went the weekend I turned 18 and got the chance to open the great hall doors thanks to this pin. Also all the staff there wished me happy birthday

Dobby pin: My family got me this when they went to Universal Studios in California. I love Dobby, he is one of my favourite Harry Potter characters and they surprised me with this pin

Harry Potter pin collection: I got this collection quite recently at my local Primark. I think they are cute and love how inexpensive they are.

Adam Hattan Pins

IMG_20180723_164804.jpgPink pin: My sister managed to get me this pin when in Walt Disney World the same time as Adam Hattan!

Blue pin: I recently bought this pin because I am a big fan of Adam Hattan and really wanted to wear this pin to work (I work early mornings!). It also properly started my collection

Sparkly pin: I bought this one because it is limited edition. I just wanted the full set!

Mickey Mouse Pins

IMG_20180723_164613.jpgYacht Club pin: My sister accidentally bought me this pin when in Florida. She managed to pick up two of the same pin without realising!

Mickey and Minnie pin: This pin came in a mystery pack I bought in Walt Disney World, I really liked this options available and this was one of the ones I wanted.

Mickey and Donald pin: This pin also came in the mystery pack and was another of the ones I wanted.

Mickey Mouse pin collection: This is another set that I bought in Primark and I love how cute they look!

Up Pins

IMG_20180723_164450.jpgDoug pin: Doug is my favourite Up character and my Mum surprised me with this pin after buying it at Disney World sneakily.

Carl and Ellie pins: My family joke that me and David are very much like Carl and Ellie from Up for a lot of reasons, so they surprised us with this not long ago.

Up House pin: I managed to win this pin from the Disney Store a long while ago and I have no idea why but I cherish it!

Grape Soda pin: I bought this for David for his 18th birthday. I have one and he has one. Ellie gives Carl one in the film and I felt it was fitting to give him the same badge.

Stitch Pins

IMG_20180723_164259.jpgThese are my favourite pins I own. Stitch is one of my favourite characters ever and I own many Stitch things including these pins.

Elvis Stitch pin: I got this one whilst in Walt Disney World a while ago.

Ice Cream Stitch pin: This is another one I got whilst in Walt Disney World.

Hawaii Stitch pin: My sister bought me this one recently from her trip to Florida. I have wanted this pin for a long time so I was really happy to receive it!

Stitch Bra pin: This is one of my favourite bits from the Lilo and Stitch film so I had to get it in pin form.

Simple Stitch pin: This is the first pin I ever bought when I was 5. It started my obsession with Stitch and pins!

There you have it my pin collection! I am at YALC this weekend and I am hoping to get a few pins from there. I am also going to Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday and will be buying a lot whilst I am there!

Whilst we are talking about pins my lovely friend Fiona is about to launch her own set of bookish pins over on kickstarter. Check out her designs on her instagram @felfiramoondesigns!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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