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21 Things I Want To Do Whilst I’m 21 – Recap

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I can’t quite believe it but I turn 22 in just over a week! Last year I wrote a post all about 21 things I wanted to do whilst I was 21. It was my way of writing a little bucket-list of things I wanted to do in my 21st year. Now that my 21st year is almost over I wanted to look back on that post, see if I had done everything on my list or if I hadn’t! Here is my recap of 21 things I wanted to do whilst I was 21!

Line1Me and Castle. Go to Disneyland Paris!

I knew this was happening back when I wrote the blog post but it definitely happened! I spent 5 days in the happiest place on earth and looking back on all the pictures I am already wanting to go back. I had such a lovely time there, riding rides, meeting characters and just having an all-round incredible time! Disneyland Paris is beautiful and I would love to go back when I can!

2. Get better at graphic design!

I think it is safe to safe, although I am not incredible, I have definitely got better at my graphic designing. I have designed all the graphics you can see on my blog and I am so proud of them and I am planning on designing even more very soon!

3. Travel as much as possible

IMG_20190606_202416I have travelled a lot in the past year and I cannot quite believe it. I have been to Paris, Lanzarote and Sicily and for my 22nd birthday weekend I will be going to Edinburgh. I have done a lot more travelling in the last year that I have in the past and I feel so lucky that I have been able to do something I really wanted to do!

4. Learn to cook some of my favourite meals

Although I am not a very good cook, I have learnt to cook a lot more over the past year. It is safe to safe I can make a delicious bowl of mashed potatoes now (easy I know). I feel so much more confident now that if I was left to make meals for myself I would be able to do it confidently. So I think I have definitely done this!

5. Spend more time with my Grandparents

This is one I have done but not to the extent I wanted to. I am going to make so much more effort this year to go on days out with my Grandparents. I have seen them a lot this year and they even come and see me in work at the library whenever they can. I want to see them even more this year. I recently had a lovely day out with them to a flowershow and that is the sort of thing I want to do more of with them this year. I love my Grandparents a lot and wish I could treat them as much as they’ve treated me over the years.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 15.07.23.png6. Watch my Mum run a marathon

I did this! I finally got to see my Mum run a marathon. She ran the London Marathon in just under 4 hours and I am so proud of her. She did incredible and I will always remember screaming for her as she ran passed and her giving me a massive hug. I love you Mum, you are the best!

7. Take more pictures

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures in the past year but I have taken quite a few. I have had them all printed out and they are all in photobooks for me to look back on in the coming years. I am actually hoping to start a scrapbook with pictures I take very soon!

8. Blog more

I have definitely done this! I have blogged so much this year and I love blogging even more than I did last year. It has brought me so many friends and I have officially been blogging for 3 years! I have been scheduling my posts for the month way in advance and planning out each month. This has helped me to feel more organised, less stressed and just enjoy blogging a whole lot more!

9. Go to as many concerts as possible

I have more certainly done this! I have gone to so many different concerts in the past year. These have been for artists I have seen in the past but I have also been to a lot of concerts for brand new artists this year and have even more planned for the next year. I love concerts a lot and will never stop going to them!

10. Reread Matilda and The BFG

I haven’t done this in the past year sadly. I wanted to read them but I have been so busy reading new books that I just haven’t had the time to pick these up and reread them.

IMG-20190727-WA0007.jpg11. Attend YALC 2019 with my book besties

Of course I did this! I had such a wonderful weekend with my best friends. We were surrounded my books, had such a lovely time and stayed together in a cute little apartment for the entire weekend. I cannot wait to go to YALC next year with these wonderful ladies who I love a lot!

12. Make a book photo album

I am yet to do this but I am well on my way with it. Every month when I get my photos printed out I am putting my book photos aside. I am going to create a scrapbook of my bookish memories rather than a photo album. I am hoping to get started on it very soon!

13. Own a bookshelf 

Sadly I don’t own a bookshelf just yet. I have no room at all in my bedroom to fit a bookshelf so I am currently thinking of alternatives. I am thinking of getting a TBR trolley and decorating that instead, then I can at least display some of my books.

14. Rescue an animal

Luckily, the opportunity to rescue an animal hasn’t occurred in the last year and I want to view this as a very good thing! If the situation ever arises for me to rescue an animal, I will definitely be doing just that!

15. Rekindle my love for swimming

I haven’t done this or even started on this in the last year. I have been so busy in the evenings that I haven’t had any time at all to rekindle my love for swimming. Hopefully this is something I can do whilst I am 22.

16. Go on as many days out with David as possible

Untitled design

Me and David have been extremely busy in the last year. I have been sorting out my job situation and David has been completing his final year at university, so we didn’t spend as much time together this year as we wanted to. This doesn’t mean we didn’t go on a lot of days out though. We have been on a lot of walks, spent a lot of time out and about and we are even going to Edinburgh for my 22nd birthday weekend to explore!

17. Visit the Harry Potter Studios at Christmas

I haven’t done this in the last year and won’t be doing it this year because it is very expensive and quite far from where I live. But, hopefully I can do this in the next few years.

18. Save money for every book I read this year

I have done this! I have saved so much money by doing this and it makes a lot of difference when I am looking to treat myself to slightly more expensive things! I will definitely be doing this in the next year too.

19. Watch the sunrise and sunset in Lanzarote

We watched the sunset whilst we were in Lanzarote this year a number of times. It was so beautiful. We watched it on our way to eat our meals in the evening. We didn’t get to watch the sunset though because we never got up in time for them!

20. Keep a bullet journal for the whole year

I haven’t done this but I have been so much more organised in the last year and I am going to take that as an achievement instead!

21. Have fun!

I had so much fun in my 21st year and did so many different things. I cannot wait to see what my 22nd years hold and see what I can do in my 22nd year!


I am really proud of all the thing I have done in my 21st year and cannot wait to see what my 22nd year holds! What do you want to do in the next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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