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October Wrap-Up and November TBR

Happy Notes

Hello all, I am actually doing this wrap-up really early into November and I am really happy about that. This months wrap-up is better than last months though so I am happy about that.

Here we go.


This month has been very pathetic in terms of how much I have read. I have been so busy with uni work and work in general that I haven’t had the time to read. This doesn’t mean I didn’t buy a lot of books.

1) Her Shifter’s Future by Queen Anoshi

“Growing up in the country town of Beaufort, S.C. Tomia lived a lonely childhood. No one 51mljxefzblunderstood the gift that she possessed so she always longed for a meaningful relationship. After her Granny B passed she only had her father and two aunts to care for her and shelter the gift that she carried. Now the FBI wants to enlist her services to help them with a secret task force led by Director Dwayne Harris. When Tomia goes to the interview her life and Harris’ life changes forever.”

RATING: 4/5 (Review)

I really enjoyed this book and also got to interview the author Queen Anoshi which you can find here.

2) Faceless by Alyssa B. Sheinmel (Audio book)

“When Maisie is struck by lightning, her face is partially destroyed. She’s lucky enough to get a face transplant, but how do you live your life when you can’t even recognize yourself anymore? She was a runner, a girlfriend, a good student …a normal girl. Now, after a single freak accident, all that has changed. As Maisie discovers how much her looks did and didn’t shape her relationship to the world, she has to redefine her own identity, and figure out what ‘lucky’ really means.” 

RATING: 4.5/5 (Review)

I love this book, so when I found out there was an audio book I wanted to listen. I reviewed the book itself not so long ago and will be reviewing the audio book very soon.

That is it for books this month. I know it is terrible!


I am both proud and disappointed with how much I have posted this month. At the beginning of the month I posted loads, but it detriorated as the month went on. I said last month I wanted this to calm down so I could post more. I was wrong, I am still getting a lot of work and not as much time to blog. I really hope it does get better next month.

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This month I have a few books I have to read to review. I also want to continue my re-reading of Harry Potter. And I have a lot of books I still want to read this fall, so here is a list of books I hope to read this month.

The Edge of Juniper by Lora Ricardson

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

This is a small list but I do hope to read more this month.

Wish me luck! I may struggle getting all this reading done by the end of the month but we shall find out in a month’s time🙂 What are your reading plans for this month?

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Until next time,


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