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The Essential Guide to a Lazy Day

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Hey guys, it’s Lois and David. A representative from Leesa, a mattress companyreached out to us and asked if we would like to talk about our tips and tricks for a lazy day. If you are on the lookout for a comfy mattress, check them out here. This post is perfect for us as we are both experts and connoisseurs when it comes to being lazy! So, here is the Loisreadsbooks essential guide to a lazy day.


Beverages are a key aspect of the lazy day and what beverages you choose can set the tone for your entire day. Remember, this is about relaxing so we don’t recommend you drink anything too caffeinated, but it’s up to you what you choose!

David: For my lazy day there are only two beverages that will do. These are either a cup of tea or, if i’ve had a particularly stressful day, a pint (or three) of beer.

Lois: In the past I used to drink an awful lot of caffeinated soft drinks, mainly coke. Nowadays however, I only have the occasional Lucozade as I realised that drinking so much caffeine either made me tired and grumpy, or overstimulated. Not ideal for a relaxing lazy day. As a result I now drink mainly water, but you can’t beat a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course!). 


A good snack is a great addition to a lazy day. In fact, we’re eating Pringles as we write this! This is of course a very personal decision as to what you choose. Here are our top snacks.

David: For me I find that any bar snack (crisps, nuts etc) is a perfect snack for a lazy day. Although I like chocolate, I find that it doesn’t last long enough and it can also be easy to overeat on it. Bar snacks by comparison are satisfyingly crunchy and also last a much longer time which is always a plus for me as I love eating!

Lois: For me the perfect snack is anything junk food, crisps, sweets, chocolate etc…. I am not fussy about my snacks. However, some of my favourites are: salted crisps, kinder eggs and angel delight.

Company/ or not!

This can be one of the most important aspects of your lazy day. If you’re an introvert then whether you’re alone or in company can make or break your day. On the other hand if you have a significant other then you might need them with you to make your day complete. Pets are also brilliant company for a lazy day!

16523074_1623932304345640_175436914_o.jpgDavid: For me I can either be on my own or with Lois for my perfect lazy day. Sometimes I want alone time but most of the time I prefer Lois’ company. I always enjoy having my dog Bella with me though as she is happy to curl up and sleep on the bed with me.

16586471_1623934227678781_1238894170_o.jpgLois: I always enjoy being in the company of someone close to me, be that David or my mum. If I can’t be with either of them my dog Maggie is always a good substitute as she just sleeps nearby or cuddles me if I’m lucky. 


When it comes to a lazy day comfort is key! We recommend that you wear your comfiest outfit, be that pyjamas, joggers or your favourite hoodie.

David: For me less is more. I am very warm blooded and so I wear shorts 365 days a year even in snow and temperatures well below freezing. Therefore to be comfy I often just wear my favourite pair of shorts and maybe a t-shirt if I’m not too hot.

Lois: I am the complete opposite of David and I am constantly freezing! As we are writing this I am curled up under a huge, fluffy blanket and I am wearing three layers. When it comes to lazy days you can find me in either a thick onesie or a pair of pyjama pants, one of David’s t-shirts and a hoodie under a blanket, especially in David’s bedroom as he insists on having the heating off even in the depths of Winter!


For us, and likely our readers, books are a crucial part of any lazy day. You can’t beat immersing yourself in a book all day long. However you could also do any other activity you enjoy. Remember, this is your day!

David: For my perfect lazy day I will either sit and read a book with a cup of tea, or more often I will play games on my xbox while I drink beer. 

Lois: My favourite lazy day activities are sitting and reading a good book and watching my current favourite TV show or movie.

A Clear Schedule 

Last but definitely not least is a clear schedule. This is crucial for having a perfect lazy day, as worrying about that piece of work you’ve left too late, or that meeting you have at work is certain to throw a spanner in the metaphorical works!

David: This one is definitely the most important to me. As an experienced procrastinator I am often on edge as to whether I have something important I need to do that I’ve put off for a long time. I also suffer from anxiety, sometimes quite severely and being anxious will ruin any lazy day for me. Therefore I have to know that I have a completely free schedule and that I can actually let myself relax, in order to enjoy myself!

Lois: As I am both at University and working part time, it is often difficult to have a completely clear schedule. Without a clear schedule I cannot truly enjoy a lazy day, but I take full advantage of having two days off from University a week and use them as time to read and write blog posts before I go to work in the evening.

There you have it, our essential guide to a lazy day. What are your tips and tricks for a lazy day? Let us know in the comments below!

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