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Get to Know Me Tag

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Hey guys, it’s Lois! I have been seeing this tag around for quite a while now and thought it would be a lot of fun to do. Even if it is just procrastination from the uni work I am meant to be doing. It just gives me a little break.

img_2014Vital Stats:

Name: Lois
Nicknames: Lolo, Lo and Lilo
Birthday: 4th October
Star Sign: Libra
Occupation: University Student


Hair Colour: My hair is a funny one. It is brown but also has blonde and red streaks in it. All of which are natural. Somedays I can look really ginger and other days it just looks brown. So, technically I am classed as auburn.
Hair Length: My hair is around mid-chest length. I cut it into a bob in high school and hated it so I have been growing it ever since and it is taking a long time to get it to where I want it to be. Which is around belly-button length.
Eye Colour: My eyes are quite simply a dark brown. There is nothing at all special about my eye colour.
Best Feature: Even though I am not a big fan of my eye colour I do think my eyes are my best feature.
Braces: I had them for 2 years. I still have a permanent retainer stuck to my bottom teeth which I hate and really want taken out.
Piercings: I have both ears pierced twice. All of them are on my ear lobes.
Tattoos: Nope, not really a fan of them.
Right or Left: Technically I am a lefty, but I use my right hand for almost everything bar writing.


Real Holiday: The film holiday I remember was going to Disneyland in Paris after I had my arm broken in a car crash in Lanzarote. Safe to say I forgot about having my arm broken one I saw Stitch!
Best Friend: I can’t really remember my first best friends. I don’t really have any best friends at the minute either. Just have close friends from uni and then I class David as a best friend.
Award: In high school I won the Media Student award in Year 11. It was a huge achievement of mine because Media Studies is a big love of mine and still is.
Sport: Swimming, I have always been a swimmer. I even became a swimming teacher at one point. If I had trained non-stop I might have done it competitively but I just enjoyed doing it for fun.
Concert: I went to see Gareth Gates when I was 3. That was my first concert ever. I loved it that much my Mum tried to take me to at least one concert every year. Last year I somehow went to 10 concerts all of which were fantastic. I also went to see All Time Low this time last week! They were incredible.


TV Show(s): The X-Files, Outnumbered, Fresh Meat, The Middle and Sherlock
Colour: Purple, a dark purple, hence all my titles being that colour.
Song: ‘Missing You’ by All Time Low
Restaurant: This changes quite often but currently it is Zizzi’s because it has amazing pizza
Shop: Waterstones or WHSmiths for book stores and then the Disney Store because it is where dreams are made.
Books: I will give 3 for this: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher and Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven.
Dr Martens. Always, they are the comfiest shoes in the world. If you ever see me out that is likely what is on my feet.


Feeling: Tired and stressed. I blame university, only 2 weeks left though!
Single or Taken: Happily taken and have been for almost 2 years now. Thank you David!
Eating: Nothing but I am drinking water.
Thinking About: All the work I have to finish and if David is doing alright in an assessment at university.
Watching: Catfish! The MTV show is currently on in the background as I type this. I love it!
Wearing: My Jack Wills Pj pants and one of David’s t-shirts and one of his jumpers.


Want Children: I would love to have children. I saw a pair of Lilo and Stitch dungarees in the Disney Store yesterday and thought if I cannot wear them my child will.
Want to be Married: Yes please.
Careers in Mind: Graphic Designer
Where You Want to Live: I would like to live in the countryside but I think with my job and whatever job David wants to do we will end up living closer to a city. But I want to stay in the North of England.

Do You Believe in:

God: I can and I can’t. Somedays I think yes he is real others I think he really can’t be.
Miracles: I’m sure they must exist.
Love at First Sight: Yes.
Ghosts: No, this is one thing I just cannot believe in.
Aliens: Yes and I blame The X-Files for this.
Soul MatesI don’t want to sound to cheesy about this one. But I do think me and David are soulmates. We met at a certain point in each of our lives for a reason and stay together. I really do feel as though we are soulmates.
Heaven: In some form yes.
Hell: Again, in some form yes.
Kissing on the First Date: If it feels right then yes. Me and David didn’t because we were both so nervous about impressing each other. Second date we did though.
Yourself:  Occasionally, at the minute with all this uni work I do not. Sometimes though I can.

I Tag:

Vikki @ Meandmymundanelife
Crystal @ Lostnagoodbook
Zuky @ Bookbum
Jess @ Beaucoupbooks

There you have it! The get to know me tag. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more!

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