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2017 in a Nutshell!

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Today’s post is going to be a look back on 2017 and all that happened to me throughout the year! I didn’t realise how much went on in 2017 and it seems fitting to look back on the year and take everything into account. So, here we go!

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I gained a lot of new skills!

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-17-07-52This year I have learned so many new things and improved on skills I had previously. I managed to teach myself how to create vector portraits this year. My favourite being of Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. I learnt how to deal with the general public and all the weird and random things they ask when they ring up where I work. I even gained a lot more skill when it comes to baking biscuits and cakes.

I met so many amazing authors!

IMG_4542I had so many opportunities to meet so many authors in 2017! Thanks mostly to the wonder Kimi and Fiona at Waterstones Deansgate, I had the chance to meet a lot of authors. Some of the authors have been role models to me for many years. Tom Fletcher being one of those. I have looked up to him since I was 5 and meeting him was surreal. He inspires me to push myself and do that best I can in everything I do.

I went to my first ever blogger event!

Thanks again to Kimi and Fiona I got invited to my first ever blogger event. I got to meet so many bloggers, all of them were so lovely. I have been to a couple of blogger events now and have loved them all. I cannot wait to go to my first one of 2018 at the end of January and to see all my blogger friends again.

I became a grade 8 guitarist!

I have been playing guitar for just over 10 years now. It is something I really enjoy doing and I love learning new songs to play on my guitar. I have been working towards my grade 8 for a long time now. All of my hard work payed off this year as I gained a merit in my grade 8 guitar! I am so proud of myself for getting all the way to grade 8.

I took the leap to leave university and go into a full-time job!

After many months of going between two mindsets, I decided it was best for me to leave university as it wasn’t for me. Despite leaving my first year with a First, I just wasn’t happy at university and felt like I wasn’t being challenged to learn anything new. So, I decided to make the transition into full-time work. It took a long time to find myself a job but I am loving it so far. I have been in my current role for just over 3 months now and I am still learning the extent of the role. Even though I have to get up at 5am every morning to get into work I am enjoying the role.

I went on my first holiday abroad without my parents!

IMG_3424.JPGI have never been abroad before without my parent, but in 2017 I did just that. I went on holiday to Lanzarote for a week with David. We had an amazing time, in such a beautiful place. We got to finally take a break from the stress of work and university and spend time together. We loved going to Lanzarote so much that we have book already to go again to the exact same place in 2018! I am so excited to go back again and this time for just over a week.

I gained 1000+ followers across my blog and Twitter!

I never thought that I would get 10 followers on my blog let along 1000! It is crazy to me that people want to read the content that I am posting. Thank you so much to everyone that takes even just a couple of minutes to read my blog posts. It means the world to me and I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for Loisreadsbooks!

I was a guest on a podcast and got to interview authors!

This year has been amazing in terms of new opportunities. I got the chance to interview Beth Garrod, Simon James Green, Stephanie Kate Strohm and Lauren James. I cannot process in my brain that I got the chance to interview such incredible authors. Not only that but I got to be a guest on the Tale of Two Booksellers podcast. Both of these opportunities have made me so grateful for the doors that blogging has opened for me and I cannot put into words how much that means to me.

I walked with wolves and saw an otter in the wild!

IMG_3858Whilst on a weekend away with David we saw an otter in the wild. We were walking around a lake and all of a sudden an otter appeared looked at us and then vanished. It was such an incredible moment. We then got the chance to walk with some wolf hybrids. For animal-lovers these were both amazing experiences.

I crashed my car!

On the way to work on a very icy morning in December I managed to crash my car. Nothing I could have done would have stopped the crash from happening, the roads and the conditions on the roads were the worst I have ever seen since I started driving. I was very lucky to not injure myself badly after my car span around, left the ground and landed on top of a hedge. My car was completely destroyed but I cannot thank it enough for looking after me. It has left me very anxious when it comes to driving in most conditions, especially rain and ice. It is onwards and upwards from here and it will all get better. I will be getting my new car this week and I cannot wait to get back on the road properly.

I turned 20!


I have been alive for 2 decades now! I cannot believe I have been alive for that long.

Finally, I got to see a dinosaur live in concert!

Thanks to the Christmasaurus live, I got to end 2017 by seeing a dinosaur live in concert. I took the trip down to London with my Mum and younger sister to go and see the show put on by Tom Fletcher. It ended my year with a bang and made me leave the concert with a huge smile on my face, which in turn let my end 2017 with a huge smile on my face!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

There you have it, a lot happened in 2017! I really can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer. I hope your 2017 has been wonderful and 2018 is even better for you! Sorry this post was so long, I really want to remember what happened in 2017 and be able to look back on it at the end of 2018.

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2 thoughts on “2017 in a Nutshell!

  1. Sounds like you had a fab year (besides the car crash obvs!!) And I can’t wait to join the blogger events with everyone as an actually blogger this year ❤ Looking forward to seeing you then!

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