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Question Time with Fiona @ Finding The Lot (Of My Life)!

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Today ‘s post is all about Fiona from Finding The Plot (Of My Life). I have known Fiona for quite a while now, she is lovely and has the best book recommendations in the world! She has recently left her job as a bookseller and has started her new blog. Fiona blogs about a lot of things, books, anime, manga and her life! I love her blog and it lovely to have Fiona be back in the blogging community after she took a break from blogging for 5 years!

At the recent TEENSgate blogger event me and Fiona arranged blog posts together. Fiona answered these 10 questions and I will be doing the same over on her blog soon. Here are Fiona’s answers!

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1. Tell us a little about yourself, how you got into blogging and why do you love reading?

I’m a book loving fiend in my late twenties. I got into blogging way back when I first became a bookseller as a way to connect with other people who loved the same books as me. I moved to Youtube for a little while before going back to blogging this year also! I’ve 23395680always loved reading, my dad even mentioned it in his speech at my wedding. My dad is a book lover also and I think that is where I get most of my book reading passions from.

2. What book describes you best?

Oh god, that’s hard. I would have to go with something like Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I remember when I first read it how much I related to Cath and her live and experiences.

3. What are you reading right now?

I’m currently reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!! (This is part of Fiona’s Illuminae Files Read Along happening throughout February).

4. Do you have a bad reading habit?

I think the only ‘bad habit’ I really have is carrying a book around in my bag for like a week before I even start reading it. I try to keep my books in good condition so I never bend pages etc (I even avoid metal bookmarks so I don’t rip the page by accident!).

5. What is one book you will always recommend to everyone?

Besides the two I’ve already mentioned, Fangirl and Illuminae, I would often recommend 6Insignia by S J Kincaid at work. It doesn’t fall into too many general YA tropes and the characters are varied. It’s very exciting and I love it!

6. Which blogs do you love reading?

My favourites at the moment are Katie over at A Novel Idea, Donna at The Untitled Book Blog and Megs at Between the Pages (And including yourself obviously!).

7. Do you have any goals when it comes to blogging?

At the moment, I just want to post something once a week. I’m still getting back into blogging after 3 years of not doing do it. If I can find a rhythm and keep at it for the year I’d call that a win!

8. How do you organise your bookshelves?

I have 1 bookcase of unread book, in alphabetical order by authors surname. The next bookcase is all my manga, in alphabetical order of title. I then have 2 big bookcases filled with all the books I’ve read, again alphabetical by author’s surname (Though the bottom shelf is graphic novels in title order).

9. Do you stop reading when you are tired or at chapter breaks?

Elemental (ebook).jpgI get very tired very quickly so I always stop when I can’t focus any more. If I push myself to the end of the chapter, I usually can’t remember what just happened haha.

10. What is your favourite book that not many people have heard of?

Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson is a fantastic book that I don’t feel like many people know about. Also Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series is a brilliant paranormal series and I feel like a lot of people only know her for her newer titles. She is fab.

Thank you so much to Fiona for answering these questions! It was lovely to finally have her on my blog.

You can find Fiona on these three things:

Twitter: MidnightTopaz
Youtube: Finding the Plot (Of My Life)
Blog: Finding The Plot (Of My Life)

Keep an eye out of Fiona’s blog for the questions I answered!

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