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October Goals!

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October is a jam packed month for more which means I have a few goals I want to fulfil this month. Some of them are quite simple, others not so much! Here are my goals for October!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Rcesar-viteri-426877-unsplash.jpgead 4 books!

This is always a goal for me every month at the minute. I want to get 4 books read this month to help me get closer to my reading goal. I think it is the perfect number of books for me to read at the minute. It doesn’t matter if they are all small or all big books, just 4 books. If I do that this month I will be happy.

Get into a proper Instagram schedule


I am finally getting back into Bookstagram and posting on my Instagram. I have also finally picked a theme for my Instagram. This month I want to take time to get into a proper schedule with my Bookstagram. I am loving taking pictures of books in different ways and I feel by getting into a proper schedule will help me to be motivated to post!

800px-TowerOfTerror_MGMTake as many pictures in Disneyland as possible

I am going to Disneyland in a couple of week and as you can probably tell because I won’t stop talking about it how excited I am to go. Last time I went to Disneyland we got the photopass and took as many pictures as possible. This meant that I have over 100 pictures to look back on years down the line. I want to do that again this time we are there. I love looking back on pictures from Disneyland and I don’t want to forget this trip.

estee-janssens-396876-unsplashUse my Bullet Journal everyday

I started a bullet journal last month but only used it every couple of days because I kept forgetting it existed. This month I want to take time out of each day to pick it up and write something in it and keep track of things I have to do. I love using a bullet journal because I get to be creative every single day!

calum-lewis-391366-unsplashHave an excellent 21st birthday

This one is simple I think, I just want to have a good 21st birthday. I am spending the day with David and my parents and get to see most of my family in the evening. I want to have an excellent day and do as much as I possibly can.

These are my goals for October! What are your goals for the month of October or for the whole year in general? Let me know in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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