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If Disney Films Became YA Books

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I got thinking the other day about what would happened if a few Disney films become young adult books. I know there is a series out at the minute that is YA retelling of the princess stories from the eyes of the villain. I was more thinking of films like Toy Story, Lilo and Stitch, The Incredibles, etc and turning them into YA novels. Here is what my brain thought up about just a few Disney films.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Lilo and Stitch

lilo-and-stitch.jpgI would love if this film was turned into a YA novel. It wouldn’t work though with the age Lilo is in the film. So, what I was thinking was flash forward to Lilo’s teenage years, Lilo is looking for a job, doing regular teenage things. I would just love to see what happened to Lilo and Stitch and having a book written from Lilo’s perspective about her teenage years would be excellent. A YA contemporary author like Alice Oseman or Becky Albertalli would be perfect to write this story.

The Incredibles

37stFor this one I was thinking about a YA novel from the view of Violet going to college. Violet’s character was such an excellent role model for girls when the first movie was released and now the second movie has been released even more so. I would love to see The Incredibles world from Violet’s perspective a little bit into the future and to see how college would treat her. I feel like Lauren James would write this novel that my brain weirdly thought about amazingly.


_82943198_frozen-movie-elsa-hd-wallpaper-21I would love to read a YA novel from Elsa’s view whilst she was a teenager. I would love to hear about her experiences as a teenager and what she had to deal with because of the power she has. It would make the perfect Christmas novel in my eyes. I am unsure who would write this one though because I think it is a bit weird and wonderful.


giphy.gifI think a Ya mystery novel from Rapunzel’s view would be amazing. Just her figuring out the whole mystery about why she is in the tower, why was she put there. Just a typical YA mystery novel that keeps your gripped throughout the book. I also don’t know who would write this one but I would love to give it a read if it ever became a thing.

That was such a random post that my brain randomly thought of late one night. I wish these books existed even if they are weird and wonderful ideas. What books would you like to see as a YA novel and why? Let me know in the comments!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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5 thoughts on “If Disney Films Became YA Books

  1. I love the idea of a Lilo and Stitch YA novel, but I think a YA novel about Teen Elsa would just be quite sad? Because the resolution for her character comes when she is in her early twenties, so her narrative would have no bright bits or development really.

    Perhaps it would work better as a New Adult novel, set after the film, where she’s taking the time to explore herself for the first time after suppressing everything for so long. That would give so much room for amazing character growth and introspection, and could still appeal to a YA audience because it has that coming of age aspect – she just didn’t get to do it as a teenager, so she’s doing it as an adult.

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