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Be Prepared – Vera Brosgol

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Vera is desperate to fit in, but that isn’t easy when you are a Russian girl in the suburbs. All her friends live in fancy houses and their parents can afford to send them to the best summer camps. Vera’s single mother cannot afford anything as luxurious as that, but there is one summer camp in her price range, the Russian summer camp. Vera is sure it will be the one place she can fit in, but summer camp is far from what she imaged. Nothing can prepare her for the cool girl drama, endless Russian history lessons and outhouse straight out of nightmares!

revealsmallHaving loved Vera Brosgol’s previous graphic novel Anya’s Ghost, I was excited to pick up and give Be Prepared a read. I have to say I enjoyed this one a lot more. It is based on the Author’s own experiences as a child at summer camp.

This book does have the typical trope of kid goes to camp, kid hates camp, but what is her opinion at the end. I can see how some people might not enjoy this trope, but I loved it. I was that kid who never went to things, then went and hated it but by the end my mind had been changed in some way.

It is just the perfect graphic novel to pick up when you have a few hours free. You will fly through this book, I certainly did.

This artwork in this graphic novel is stunning! I couldn’t stop myself from taking time to look at every single picture in detail. This style of art in graphic novels is easily one of my favourite art styles. It is so beautiful, and I need more of this art style.


This graphic novel is lovely, it is beautiful with its art style but moving with the storyline. All the humour throughout is excellent. Vera Brosgol has done it again and written and illustrated a beautiful graphic novel.

Overall, I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone looking for a quick graphic novel to read filled with beautiful artwork and lovely story.

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