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Disneyland Bucket List Recap

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Before I went to Disneyland I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do whilst I was there. I thought I would have a look back on that list and see if I did everything that I wanted to! Here is my Disneyland Bucket List recap!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Meet Stitch!

Me and StitchI did this! Whilst Disneybounding as Lilo! I had an excellent character meet with Stitch. We hula danced, he wished me happy birthday and I just had an excellent time. I love the pictures I got with Stitch and I will definitely cherish them for years to come.


I Disneybounded on the second day we were there as Lilo. I loved doing this! It isn’t weird at all to dress up as Lilo whilst in Disneyland. I loved meeting characters whilst Disneybounding, Spider-Man even commented on my Lilo dress and how much he loved it!

IMG_20181016_141304.jpgRide Ratatouille!

I had never been on Ratatouille before this trip. I left Disneyland this time having been on it many time and loving it! We went on it via the single rider queue as it was only a 5 minute wait in comparison to a 45 minute wait. I love this ride so much and so glad I got to ride it finally! If you are ever in Disneyland Paris I cannot recommend this ride enough!



IMG_20181017_202722Stay until after closing and take pictures on Main Street!

I didn’t really get the chance to do this because the park was busy and we were all tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. I did get a picture on my own in front of the castle though. Also, a lovely cast member took my Instax camera off me and took a picture of the front of the castle with no one around and it was excellent! I don’t mind not having taken a picture on an empty Main Street, I still love the pictures that I took!

1539851222939Get a Tower of Terror Ride Picture

I did this! We got multiple pictures on the Tower of Terror thanks to the photopass. I loved all the pictures we took on Tower of Terror. It is mine and my Mums favourite ride in Disneyland Paris and we went on it as often as we could. It was the last ride we went on before leaving Disneyland too!

Eat a Mickey Waffle!

I didn’t actually do this because we had the half board plus meal plan which meant we had three meals a day in the parks. We ended up not having any snacks because of this. We were so full from all the other meals we didn’t fancy snacks at all!

Go inside the Disneyland Hotel!

I did this! It was incredibly posh! We walked though the hotel at the end of the day, went inside the shop and saw the restaurant. We didn’t buy anything inside the hotel though. We were tired after a long day but this hotel is very nice!

Pick up a Christmas Decoration!

I didn’t pick a Christmas decoration up because I wasn’t a fan of any they had in Disneyland. I didn’t find a single Stitch one which is what I was looking for. I am sure I will buy another from the Disney store before the end of the year but I didn’t get one in Disneyland.

Buy a nice piece of Jewellery!

I certainly did this! I bought a piece of jewellery that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. I am not going to insert a picture into this post because I am going to do a post about what I bought whilst in Disneyland. Look out for that to see the piece of jewellery. It is beautiful and means a lot to me!

Visit La Tanière du Dragon!

We did this too. It terrified the little children that were there whilst we were. I love this addition to the castle in Disneyland Paris. I think it is such an amazing thing to go and look at and it adds something to the Castle.

Ride Crush’s Coaster!

I did this with my Mum and Sister first thing one morning. I enjoyed it but I don’t think I would wait longer than 20 minutes for this ride again. It is always such a long wait for a ride that I came off feeling a little bit motion sick. It has excellent theming but it is in my opinion a rollercoaster with Nemo and Crush involved.

Have a Memorable Trip!

I certainly did this! I loved this trip so much and I am never going to forget about it. I miss it so much already and I would love to go back soon!

There you have it is my Disneyland Paris bucket list recap! I had such an amazing time in Disneyland! Look out for a Disneyland Paris haul coming tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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