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Disneyland Paris Haul!

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I went to Disneyland Paris expecting to buy a lot of things, but I made one big purchase whilst I was there that meant I didn’t buy a lot of things whilst I was there. Here is my Disneyland Paris haul!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59T-Shirt


I have been seeing people buy sweatshirts with this design on for a few months now and was looking to buy one myself. I spotted the same design on a T-Shirt and because I wear T-Shirts more often than sweatshirts I decided to buy it. I love the quote on it from Walt Disney and the logo’s for the park and the two biggest attractions in each park. It got a bit creased in the case on the way home though!



I spotted this Koda plush on our second day at Disneyland and instantly knew I was going to buy it. Brother Bear is one of my favourite films from childhood but I have never managed to find any merchandise from this film. I went back to the shop I saw him in that night and bought him. He makes an excellent addition to my plushes.



I saw these keyrings in our hotel shop as soon as we arrived in Disneyland and I knew I had to buy them instantly. I have wanted a Stitch keyring for a long time and when I found the normal Stitch and a skeleton Stitch I knew I had to have both. They are going to put on a backpack I use everyday!



I couldn’t go to Disneyland Paris without buying some pins. I am looking to put up a corkboard for all my pins in my bedroom and thought all of these pins would be excellent additions. I love the Angel and Stitch one at the top. I also didn’t have a Lilo and Stitch pin so I had to buy that one. I love the other two Stitch pins. My Dad bought me and my sister a Baymax pin each because we both love the film. The last one I bought was the Tower of Terror hotel key, this is my favourite ride in Paris, so I had to get a pin from this ride. The only pins I forgot to get were the hotel pins. I wanted a hotel Cheyenne pin as I have been there twice previously and I wanted the Newport Bay pin as that is where we stayed this time. I love all the pins I got whilst I was there!



This was the big purchase of the holiday! I was thinking about a big jewellery purchase whilst I was there and this ended up being it! I got a Lilo and Stitch Pandora charm from my Mum and Dad for my 21st birthday and the plan was to put it on a necklace. Whilst we were in Disneyland I saw the exclusive Walt and Mickey charm and fell in love with it. We went into the Pandora in the Disneyland Park the next day and I ended up buying a lot more than I planned. I bought the exclusive Disneyland Paris Castle charm because it is my favourite Disneyland Castle. I was then worried that the two charms I had bought would fall off the bracelet and asked to see their exclusive clips. I was shown the Mickey and Minnie clips and instantly wanted to add them to my bracelet! So in the end I got the exclusive bracelet and 4 charms/clips. When I got home I added my Lilo and Stitch charm to the middle. I am planning on adding more charms to this bracelet as time goes on but only Disney one!

There you have it, my Disneyland Paris haul! I didn’t buy as much as I expected but I certainly spent a lot of money! That is all for my Disneyland Paris posts! I hope you enjoyed them! I cannot wait to go back to Disneyland in the future!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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