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My Feminist Icon


dx8vkr6x4aapyhuYesterday I went to the TEENSgate blogger meetup. One of my favourite events to attend are the TEENSgate blogger meetups. It is a couple of hours to sit with other bloggers and bookish friends and talk about books and blogging.

This blogger meetup was sponsored by the wonderful publishers DK, who provides us all with excellent goodies bags filled with a books, pen, notebook, coaster and poster! Thank you so much to DK for gifting us all with these wonderful goodies bags, we are all extremely grateful!

DK asked us to answer a question at the event, who is our feminist icon? I thought I would answer this question through a blog post as I have a few feminist icons! Here they are.

LineStephanie Beatriz

stephaniebeatriz2As soon as I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine I was drawn to Stephanie’s character ‘Rosa Diaz’. This meant that I ended up looking into the actress who plays her. Stephanie has now become a role model for me. I love that she stand up for herself but also other women out there. Stephanie is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, equal right for everyone across the board, feminism, women’s rights and more representation of people of colour in the media. Stephanie is doing an excellent job and promoting what she is passionate about and working with what she is passionate about. I’m glad to have stumbled across Stephanie Beatriz as she is now a feminist icon of mine.

Nani Pelekai

nani-pelekai-lilo-and-stitch-90.1For those who don’t know who Nani Pelekai is, she is the older sister from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. I have loved the Lilo and Stitch movie ever since its release date which was over 16 years ago when I was only 5-years-old. Ever since my first watching of the film I looked up to Nani in many ways. The way she looks after your younger sister after their parents die, how she brings in all the income for the house and how she would do anything for her sister. She was the first ever feminist I looked up to. She wants things to be equal, she is a woman of colour and she is the best big sister to Lilo. I still think of Nani as a role model now.

My Friends

Dwoh1zTXcAMjBCi.jpgOver the past couple of years, I have found what I’d like to think of as my people. I have struggled to find people who had similar interests with me for years. I have found friends who are there for me whenever I need them, who have similar interests as me and who are just wonderful people. These friends are my biggest feminist icons! They are all passionate for equal rights, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, women’s right and more! These ladies are the reason I have stood up for myself in so many situations and I cannot thank them enough. Each one of you look after me in many ways and it means the world. Thank you, Sarah, Sophie, Kimi and Fiona, you are my feminist icons!

LineThere you have it my feminist icons. Who are you feminist icons and what do they do to make you proud? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you again to TEENSgate for a wonderful blogger event and to DK for sponsoring the event!

Happy Reading

30 thoughts on “My Feminist Icon

  1. I really wanted to go to the meet up but I knew it would be too much for me that week. I will make it to the next one. It sounds like you all had a great time! Stephanie is a fantastic choice for a feminist icon. I love her in Brooklyn 99 too. Great post!

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  2. Ahhh I have the I prefer a female lead pin too! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Also Nani is sooo underated! She did her best raising a kid, unexpectedly and at such a young age!

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  3. Such a great post! And it sounds like a really fun event! Hmm… My feminist icon… I don’t think I have one, as such. But there are so many women I admire and who inspire me. Elizabeth Gaskell was a pretty amazing woman. Beatrix Potter – aha, she was definitely a wicked feminist! There you go, I’m going to go with Beatrix Potter!

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