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February Bullet Journal Set-Up

Bullet JournalThis year I have gotten into my bullet journal a lot more as well as designing in general. I love sharing it on here and discussing why I have included certain things in my set-up. I should be getting more designing done in the future as I have just bought a graphics tablet. I would love to share these designs on the blog, let me know if that is something you would be interest in!

Here is my February Bullet Journal Set-Up!

LineCover Pages

For my cover pages for the month of February I decided on a flowers theme. I wanted to experiment with flowers as they are something I hadn’t experimented with before. I decided on using the quote “though she be but little, she is fierce”, as the quote to start February. I decided on this quote because I have had so many people say in the last few months that this is a quote about me. I am definitely little at 4′ 10″ and I would like to say I am fierce. Then I used the same flower design for the title page for February!


Planning Pages

This is a spread I decided to add for this month. On the February side of the spread I included the month at a glance so I can always check dates easily. There is also sections for important dates, monthly goals, to do and books read, all of these are going to be used to keep track of the relevant things. The blog plan side of this spread is what I am going to use to track any post ideas I have, what I posted and when. As well as anything I need to do for my blog for March and any ARCs I have to read this month.


Weekly Spreads

I carried on the flower theme when it came to the weekly spreads. I wanted to make them simple again this month as last months smaller boxes and a page per week worked a lot better for me. I even varied the size of boxes this month to see if that made any difference, I’m not sure that it will. I decided to include the date in each days title this month because last month I kept getting mixed up on dates as I only used the day of the week and not the date.

51208944_2053437818279722_693615825071898624_n51283544_774473912908064_2207017654273703936_n (1)

Memories and Mood Tracker

This double page spread is another new one to me. I used the memories page last month in my bullet journal and I had a lot of fun with it. I got to stick in pictures of what I got done that month and I could look back on it whenever I liked. So, I wanted to continue this memories page. The other side of this spread is a mood tracker. This is completely new to me, I have never tracked my mood before. But I feel it will be useful in a few ways. I have yet to colour in the moods but that is something I am going to do in the next day or so.


Lettering Practice

This is the last section in my bullet journal for February and something I was meaning to do in January. I am loving designing and having just bough a graphics tablet I wanted to have a place in my bullet journal to practise my lettering. I have yet to add prompts for everyday of the month and I plan on doing that as the month goes on. I am loving doing this so far though!


That is my February 2019 bullet journal set-up,  it is simple but I feel that it will be effective for me this month. Have you got a bullet journal, if so what is your February set-up like? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading

26 thoughts on “February Bullet Journal Set-Up

  1. These are beautiful! Love the mood tracker! I stopped bullet journaling because I was struggling to be artistic but I hope to try some bits this year.

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