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February Bullet Journal Set-Up

This year I have gotten into my bullet journal a lot more as well as designing in general. I love sharing it on here and discussing why I have included certain things in my set-up. I should be getting more designing done in the future as I have just bought a graphics tablet. I would…… Continue reading February Bullet Journal Set-Up

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January Bullet Journal Set-Up

The other day I posted my 2019 bullet journal set-up and discussed how it was one of my favourite things to do at the minute. I also said I was going to focus a lot more of my time to making use of my bullet journal and sharing it on here. I have recently finished…… Continue reading January Bullet Journal Set-Up

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2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up

One of my favourite things at the minute to do is design and create things in my free time. A lot of them are never shown to anyone but myself but I love doing it and I am slowly but surely getting better I think. This year I am going to focus a lot of…… Continue reading 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up