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April Bullet Journal Set-Up

Bullet Journal

I’m back again with another monthly bullet journal set-up! This month is another busy one for me which meant I needed a good monthly set-up so I don’t lose track of anything! I am not the biggest fan of this months theme but I also don’t mind it too much. I’m hoping May’s set-up turns out better. Like they say practise makes perfect! Here is my April Bullet Journal set-up!

LineCover Pages

For my cover pages for the month of April I decided on a cloud theme! I originally wanted to do a theme surrounding the Disney song April Showers, this is the closest I got to that! I actually quite like how this spread turned out! The quote is from the Twenty One Pilots song Truce. Not only does it fit in with the theme but this quote motivates me a lot! For the April page I didn’t want to go too over complicated but also not too simple. So, I decided on the clouds and added the little paper aeroplane to add a little more to the page.


Month Plan and Memories

I decided to change this spread for April. I have had a planning double spread in previous months but I wasn’t using it all thoroughly. I condensed the two planning pages into one simplified planning page instead. Instead of having sections I wouldn’t use, I know that I will find each section on this page incredibly useful! The memories page will become full of pictures of my memories from April. It means I can look back on what I have done in April whenever I want, even in a few months time!


Expenses and Blogging

This is a new spread that I have decided to add for this month! I am trying my absolute best to save money at the moment. I also want to see where I am spending most of my money and why I am spending it. Hopefully this spread will come in useful and help me to find out this information. Then the blogging page is also one I hope to use often throughout April. I am going to write any post ideas I have down on one side and then other other will show what I post throughout April!


Mood Tracker and Quote

The last spread before my weekly spreads this month is my mood tracker and quote spread. Mood trackers have been working for me over the last couple of months. I get to watch my moods change and also see how my mood varied at the weekend rather than during the week. The quote on the other side of the spread is from the Panic! at the Disco song High Hopes! I listen to this song every morning to wake up and start my day, so it felt right to include this quote in my journal!


Weekly Spreads

I carried on the cloud theme when it came to the weekly spreads. March was such a busy month that I filled up all the small boxes I made for the week. So, for April which is going to be another busy month, I decided on doing a full week across a double page spread. This gives me more space to write to do list, keep track of events and reminders! On the last page for April I included a quote that I love. I have had family members tell me this quote when I’ve been having a bad day and it always makes me look at my days in a more positive light!


That is my April 2019 bullet journal set-up, it is simple but I feel that it will be effective for me this month. Have you got a bullet journal, if so what is your April set-up like? Let me know in the comments!

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