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Are You Watching? – Vincent Ralph

Book ReviewThank you to the publisher who gifted me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

46194945Ten years ago, Jess’s mum was murdered by the Magpie Man. She was the first victim of the Magpie Man but not the last. Jess is now the star of a YouTube reality series which she is using to try and catch the Magpie Man once and for all. The whole world is watching her every single move and so is the Magpie Man!

I have been excited about reading this book ever since I heard all about it at YALC, but was quite worried it would not live up to my expectations. It actually exceeded my expectations! It is an addictive, well-written and quick-paced YA thriller that I flew right the way through.

I loved the modern twist that is the centre of this thriller, the use of social media in catching a killer. Jess being a part of a YouTube reality series adds such an interesting aspect to the story and makes you really think about the good sides and bad sides of social media and its uses. It is packed full of twists and turns and always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Being interested in true crime made me even more interested in this book as a whole. It really draws into the big interest that there is around true crime at the minute and I would love to see more books like this one in the future.

To say it is only a debut novel, it is incredibly well-written, well-paced and keeps your attention all the way through. The characters are all interesting and well developed. I could honestly have read from Jess’ perspective for a whole lot longer if it was possible.

Are You Watching? is an addictive, well-written and fast-paced thriller that I am sure so many people will fly right the way through. You will be kept on the edge of your seats whilst reading this thats for sure! I cannot recommend this one enough so make sure you pre-order it before its released on the 6th February 2020!

4 StarsLineHappy Reading



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