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2019 Blogging Goals! – Recap

Blogging GoalsRight at the start of 2019 I did a couple of posts all about my reading and blogging goals for 2019. Now that 2019 is almost over, I wanted to take a look back and see how I got on with these goals. I am going to start with my 2019 blogging goals and recap how I have got on with them! Here is my recap!LinePost Regularly


This is one I feel like I completed quite well. I made sure to post regularly each month and got myself into a really good routine for this by the end of 2019. I did exactly what I set out in my goal and wrote a blogging plan for each month with post ideas and dates to release the posts on. These plans did change but they gave me such a clearer idea on my blogging this year.

Interview More Authors


In 2019 I interviewed quite a few authors this year, 6 authors in total! It is such a fun thing to do and I cannot believe this is an opportunity that I get to have. I feel as though this year I put a lot more thought into the questions I asked the authors and the interviews were all wonderful!

Here are the interviews I did this year!

Chair a Book Event

I didn’t complete this one this year but that is okay because it can be a 2020 goal instead. When I wrote this list at the beginning of the year I said how ambitious this was one and I was right but you never know what will happen in 2020!

Be More Active on Social Media

I don’t think I quite completed this how I wanted to this year but I was a lot more active than 2018. I properly got into my Bookstagram account and made a theme I am quite proud of. I do tweet quite often too but still don’t talk about what I am reading and what I am doing so hopefully this will be a goal I complete in 2020.


Redesign My Blog

I did this! Quite early into 2019 I gave Lois Reads Books a complete makeover and I am extremely proud of it. It feels like a really me design and I love it. Hopefully I will design more things in 2020 and who knows what I could be designing by the end of 2020!


I think I’ve done really well with my 2019 blogging goals! How have you done with yours? Let me know! What are your 2020 blogging goals?

Happy Reading

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