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2019 Reading Goals – Recap

Reading GoalsRight at the start of 2019 I did a couple of posts all about my reading and blogging goals for 2019. Now that 2019 is almost over, I wanted to take a look back and see how I got on with these goals. I am going to start with my 2019 reading goals and recap how I have got on with them! Here is my recap!LineRead 30 Books

joshua-coleman-623144-unsplash (1)

I actually managed to triple this by reading 90 books in total in 2019! Throughout the year I increased my reading goals so make how I felt my reading was going. I cannot believe I have managed to read 90 books this year! This year I managed to read 30 more books that I read in 2018 and I am so proud of myself. I read a variety of books, graphic novels and audiobooks and it was a lot of fun!

Go to More Book Events

I have been to so many book events this year! I can’t even think of how many it is in total other than it is a lot. Going to book events really increasing my love of reading and my love for the book community. Being able to discuss books with like minded people is one of my favourite things to do. By going to a huge number of book events this year, I have made a number of friends, discussed books with people I wouldn’t have before and just had a wonderful time at all the events!

Read Books for Different Genres

I am still a YA contemporary fan at heart but I feel I have read a few more genres this year. I have read a couple more fantasy books, a whole bunch of graphic novels. As well as some sci-fi, NA and general fiction books. I have yet to read a classic book but I realistically don’t think this will happen anytime soon, as they really don’t appeal to me.

Spend More Time Reading


I certainly spent a lot more time reading this year. I think it is clear to see but the increase in books I’ve read this year but also I spend my time after work although in front of the TV reading my book with the TV as background noise. I am also spending time in bed each night before going to sleep reading even if it is exclusively on my kindle because I can lie down and read. LineI think I’ve done really well with my 2019 reading goals! How have you done with yours? Let me know! What are your 2020 reading goals?Happy Reading

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