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2020 Reading Goals!

reading.pngLast year I set myself some blogging and reading goals to complete over the course of the year. I am going to do the same in 2020! I enjoy setting myself goals to work toward and they keep me motivated throughout the year. So, here are my reading goals for 2020!LineRead 40 Books

In 2019 I originally set a goal to read 30 books but ended up reading 100 books. I don’t want to pressure myself into reading 100 books in 2020 because I feel I will not enjoy my reading at all. I feel like I can get to 40 though and if I do I will be extremely happy!


Organise my Reading Habits

I don’t have good habits when it comes to reading at the minute but I want to change this. I read on my lunch break and I want to continue doing this in 2020. Also I want to make an effort to read some nights rather than watching TV. Also I want to read for at least 30 minutes before going to bed rather than going on my phone. I just want to make my reading habits more organised.


Read Outside my Comfort Zone

At the minute I am very set in reading my favourite genres, contemporary or thrillers. This year I want to step outside my comfort zone and read things I would never normally read or pick up. So, I would quite like to read some fantasy and sci-i books in 2020 and see what I think!


Organise a Book Event

I currently work at a library that runs very few book events, especially for Young Adults. So, in 2020 I want to organise and run a couple of book event at the library especially for Young Adults. I am going to be starting this with a book club and I cannot wait to see what happens throughout the year!


LineThere you have it, my reading goals for 2019! What are you reading goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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