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2020 Blogging Goals!

Blogging.pngA couple of days ago I posted my 2020 reading goals and got thinking about my 2020 blogging goals. I am back today with just that! The goals I set for my blog last year were an excellent way to motivate me into my blogging. So, here are my blogging goals for 2020!LinePost Regularly and Schedule Posts Early

This one is quite a simple one, but this year I want to make sure I post regularly and schedule these posts early enough that I don’t panic about them. I am going to keep writing a blogging plan for each month which is full of post ideas, posting dates and little ideas about each post. I am hoping that I can complete this one!


Interview More Authors

One of my favourite things I’ve had the opportunity to do whilst blogging is interviewing authors. It will never not amaze me that I have had the opportunity to interview so many amazing authors. I cannot wait to see what interview opportunities come my way this year.


Be More Active on Social Media and Bookstagram

This year I want to be more active on social media. I want to Tweet more and keep up with posting pictures on my Bookstagram account. I want to keep up with my theme and planning the pictures to go up on my account and when. Also, I would like to branch into Instagram stories this year when possible. The last social media goal I have for the year is to finally use my Pinterest page I created for the blog and learn more about that site. I want to read all the tips other bloggers have on Pinterest and take them on board!


LineThere you have it, my blogging goals for 2020! What are you blogging goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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