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Travel Plans for 2020!

travrl plan

I hope everyone is well! I am here today with something a little bit different, my travel plans for 2020. I love reading other posts about different peoples travel plans and what that are planning on doing in 2020 and wanted to do the same. Here are my travel plans for 2020!LineJanuary – May

I don’t actually have many travel plans booked for the first part of 2020 because I am quite busy with other things such as work and concerts. I do have a couple of trips planned though!

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 14.13.05At the end of January I am going to be spending a couple of days with my wonderful friend’s Charlotte, Sarah and Sophie in Wales. We are going to be going and visiting Charlotte in Wales for a full weekend of fun and bookish adventures and I honestly cannot wait. I don’t get to see these 3 wonderful people often because of the distance between where we all live but I cannot wait to spend a full weekend with them very soon!

In February my sister and I will be taking a trip to Liverpool! We both happen to have a couple of days off together and thought it would be a perfect time to take a couple of days to visit Liverpool. We both love going to Liverpool to go shopping and have a wander round and we will also be going to see The 1975 whilst we are there! I cannot wait!

Then finally for the first part of 2020 although I am technically not travelling for this I am going to class it as part of my travel plans! At the end of March is the NYA Literary Festival which I wouldn’t miss for the world. As this event is quite close to me and spans over the course of a couple of days it seemed to be the perfect time to have Sarah, Sophie and Charlotte visit me for the weekend before we go to NYA together.

June – December

The second part of 2020 has only a few travel plans booked at the minute but I am hoping to book more in the future.

IMG_20190606_202416In June my boyfriend David and I will be spending 2 weeks in our favourite place, Lanzarote! This will be our 4th time visiting Lanzarote and the longest time we will be staying there. It worked out perfectly this year that I could have 2 weeks off work when we would normally be going to Lanzarote and I jumped on the opportunity to extend our holiday in such a wonderful place. I cannot wait to spend 2 weeks in a beautiful country with David, reading books and relaxing!

At the end of July I will be attending YALC again! Although the plans for this aren’t set in stone yet, I am going to be buying my tickets very soon and cannot wait for a wonderful weekend full of books and friends!

The only other travel plan I want to put in place for 2020 is a weekend away somewhere in England with David. We always take a short weekend break somewhere in the UK but aren’t quite sure where to go this time. If you have any suggestions of anywhere in the UK you would recommend visiting please let me know!


Those are all my travel plans for 2020 so far and I am excited for them all! What are your travel plans for 2020? Let me know in the comments! Happy Reading

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