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Podcasts I Adore

Hello all, I hope you are well! I discovered podcasts around 2 years ago and since then I have listened to and tried a lot of them! There are some in particular that I adore and I thought I’d discuss with you some of the ones I adore. So, here is a little post all about the podcasts that I adore.

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a weekly true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

I started listening to this podcast a little over two years ago and I love it and still listen to it weekly. This podcast got me through horrible days at my old job and I appreciate it a lot for that. I thought I’d listen to this podcast for a while and get bored but I always finished an episode desperate for the next. Karen and Georgia feel like big sisters to me and I appreciate them a lot. If you like true crime with a little mixture of comedy throughout then I highly recommend this one.

Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants is a podcast hosted by Robert Iler, Kassem G and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. They discuss a whole load of nothing but everything at the same time.

It was only recently that I started listening to this podcast but I love it. I found this podcast completely by accident when searching for videos on the TV series the ‘Sopranos’ (my favorite show). I loved Robert and Jamie-Lynn in the ‘Sopranos’ so seeing/listening to them in a podcast is a lot of fun. All three hosts are so honest and open with what they discuss and it is so fun to listen to.

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is a true crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and co-hosted by Brit Prawat.

This is another podcast that I found during my time at my previous job. I don’t listen to this weekly but I do tend to have little binge sessions of multiple episodes every once in a while. It is an excellent podcast packed full of information about different true crimes. They get straight to the point in this podcast and sometimes that is exactly what I need which is a reason I really enjoy this one. If you want a podcast about true crime, full of facts, then I really recommend this one.

Jenson and Holes: The Murder Squad

Jenson and Holes: The Murder Squad is a weekly podcast with retired cold case investigator Paul Holes and investigative journalist Billy Jensen. It follows them as they attempt to solve an unsolved murder case using a variety of methods as well as their listeners insights and information.

This podcast is fascinating. It feels like you are sitting in an office with Jensen and Holes whilst they are investigating cold cases. This podcast has even investigated cases that have been cold for years and have managed to find a new suspect and have people arrested due to their investigations and new insights. If you are interested in the investigative process of cold cases and crime cases in general I highly recommend this!

Talking Sopranos

Talking Sopranos is Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa’s Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael who plays Christopher Moltisanti and Steve who plays Bobby Baccalieri follow the Sopranos series episode by episode giving fans all the inside information, behind the scenes stories. As well as little known facts that could only come from someone on the inside of the show.

I started listening to this podcast recently as I started my own re-watch of the Sopranos series. I adore Michael and Steve as actors as well as the characters they play, so a podcast hosted by them is perfect. I love knowing behind the scenes facts about my favourite shows so this podcast is perfect for me. I’ve learnt a lot from the podcast too. If you are a fan of the Sopranos and want to learn more about the series I highly recommend this one.

There you have it, podcasts I adore! It seems my podcasts have two themes, true crime or the Sopranos. I think I need to find some more podcasts, so, if you have a favourite podcast/s let me know in the comments!

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