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Three Girls – Katie Clapham

Their school may be making them pose together for photos - but Minnie, Lena and Alice are not friends. And they have other things to worry about. Minnie - The Athlete: her whole life has been sport - but what if that's not all she wants her life to be? How do you even start to change your future all by yourself? Lena - The Princess: she has always resented being in Minnie's shadow - so when a freak accident changes all of her arch-rival's plans, Lena has a chance to become Queen Bee at last. But is ruling the school all she dreamed it would be? And then there's Alice - The Really Tall One. Alice has friends already, she's even got her eye on a potential crush - but she's also got a secret. And that secret is about to bound into all three girls' lives and change them forever.