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The Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Megan @ Bookslayerreads for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Megan has a really awesome blog with lots of great posts and reviews! You should check it out!



  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to


I started my blog the second week of August this year. I had wanted to start a blog for a long time but I was always so busy. The reason I wanted to start a blog was because I saw this huge community of book bloggers and I want to be able to share my love of books with this community. I wanted to be able to review books and have people read my reviews and just enjoy things I put online. And I think that is what is happening.


My first piece of advide for new bloggers would be to join in on weekly meme’s. This help you to start posting regularly. It will also help get your blog out there. There are so many to participate in. I currently participate in Top 5 Wednesday, Top 10 Tuesday and I do my own Top 10 Sunday that anyone can join in on. There are so many more too.

My second piece of advice for new bloggers would be when writing a review include a photo of the book. A picture is a huge help on a book review, it means a thousand words. Also tweet the author of the book you have reviewed a link to your review because you never know they could see it and tweet out your review to their followers.


Giovanna @ Bookcomablog

Crystal @ Lostnagoodbook

Shealea @ Thatbookshelfbitch

Sophie @ Blameitonchocolate

The Library Lizard



Bex @ Bexnbooks

Elizabeth @ Elizabethblairbooks

Lindsey @ Apieceofparadis

Angie @ Journeyofangie

Zainab @ Teenbooklit101

Jill @ Bookmafiablog

Stephanie @ Betweenfoldedpages

Sam @ Onebookishgirl

Chantel @ Disappearintobooks

Thanks again, Megan, for the nomination! I love getting tagged in stuff. This has been a fun post to do. I hope I didn’t nominate someone who’s already been nominated. If so, I’m sorry!

Find me on Twitter @loisreadsbooks, on Facebook here, and on Goodreads here.

Until next time,

Happy reading

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