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10 Things I Have Noticed Since I Stopped Wearing Makeup

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Hey guys, long time no see! I have been struggling to find the time to blog recently because I have been trying to get into a new routine with my new job. I think I am almost there so I should be blogging more now.

I did a poll on my Twitter account @loisreadsbooks to ask if people would like to see a post on what I have noticed and experience since I stopped wearing makeup and people seemed interested so here is that post!

10 Things I Have Noticed Since I Have Stopped Wearing Makeup!

21460036_1936658936406307_283353801_oI should start this post by saying that I have worn makeup almost everyday since I turned 14. My makeup was quit natural when I was in high school but as soon as I left I started experimenting with eyeliner and contouring. I have known nothing for a full face of makeup for over 7 years. On the right is the makeup I have been wearing everyday. When I started my new job I decided to save myself time and let myself have more sleep (I have to get up at 5AM most days) I would stop wearing makeup altogether.  This is what I have noticed since then!

1. My Skin Didn’t Know How To Cope!

After wearing makeup almost everyday for 7 years my skin didn’t know what to do when I suddenly stopped wearing it. For the first couple of weeks my skin was really oily and just felt horrible. I also broke out in a few spots which is unusual for me. Now my skin is thanking me for not wearing makeup, my skin is so much clearer, it isn’t oily at all and it is starting to get used to not wearing makeup at all.

funny-gif-nobody-got-time-for-that.gif2. I Have So Much More Time

I used to spend around 2 hours a day getting ready, doing my hair and a full face of makeup. I have gained a good hour and a half extra time in my day. I only have to do my hair in a morning and I am ready to go. I never realised how much time I actually wasted doing my makeup in a morning.

3. My Eyes Aren’t As Dry

I need to wear glasses all the time in order to see but wore my contact lenses whenever I wore makeup. This made my eyes so dry and was starting to cause problems when wearing my contact lenses. Now I am not putting on eye makeup my eyes aren’t getting as dry and I am wearing my glasses a lot more, which in turn is saving me money on contact lenses.

4. People Really Don’t Care 

I was extremely anxious when I stopped wearing makeup that people would instantly notice and judge me for it. In reality people really don’t care! I have actually had more people complement me on having the courage to stop wearing makeup. Then when I have worn makeup on the odd occasion people how then complemented me on how it looks. I assumed people would think of me differently but they really do not.

tenor (1)5. I Am Saving A Lot Of Money

I used to spend up to £60 a month on makeup. That has now changed to me spending absolutely nothing on makeup. I did some working out and I think that all I will need to spend on makeup now is around £40 every 3 months. This saves me £560 a year which is incredible! It has really been put into context for me how much I had been spending on makeup.

6. I Am Saving Animals

It was really starting to get to me that most of the products I used on my face as well as my hair were being tested on animals. I have decided to start looking into to completely changing to cruelty free products. Even though I am currently no cruelty free I am hopefully saving a few animals from being tested on by not buying as many makeup products.

7. My Skin Has Improved So Much

I used to have bright red cheeks and red marks all over my face and just assumed that they were just something I had always had. Over the past few weeks I have seen these completely disappear. My cheeks actually have a natural colour to them now because my skin is getting to breath and get some sunlight on it. This has helped me to like how I look without makeup as I used to be self conscious about them.

8. I Am Starting To Love My Flaws

I am not confident in my self at all and this was worse when I didn’t wear makeup. Now I have stopped wearing makeup I am starting to get used to how I look without makeup and embracing the way I look. I don’t have as much confidence as I hoped for just yet but this is getting better everyday.

9. People Think I Look A Lot Younger Than I Am


This isn’t anything new to me but it has got worse since I stopped wearing makeup. People thought I looked 12 when I was wearing makeup (I am 20). Without makeup I have been asked for my ID more and people have started to make passing comments about how young I look. I think some people expect me to take it as a compliment but I really hate being told I look young and it makes me feel horrible about how I look.


10. I Get More Sleep! 

This is the best thing to have happened since I stopped wearing makeup. I get so much more sleep now I have stopped wearing makeup. I have more time in the morning now it takes me just 15 minutes to get ready. Then at night I don’t have to take makeup off, so thats another 30 minutes extra I get in my day which means I can actually go to bed without spending time taking off my makeup. As much as I hate sleeping it is so nice to not be shattered everyday.

There you have it 10 things I have noticed since I stopped wearing makeup. There are good things and there are bad thing that happen when you stop wearing makeup and I am embracing them all.  That is how I look without makeup, I think it is so different and is certainly taking some getting used to.

If you have ever stopped wearing makeup yourself let me know in the comments what your experience was like!

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Have Noticed Since I Stopped Wearing Makeup

    1. Thank you! I never realised how much time I wasted on it. Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and wearing it but getting up at 4am every morning to do it before starting work at 6 it just seemed pointless to me. My skin is thanking me now though!


  1. I rarely ever wear makeup mainly because I’m just too lazy to spend time on it each day. And I constantly get mistaken for much, much younger than I actually am! I turn 28 in about two weeks and just this weekend I was asked for my ID when getting cigarettes and alcohol. But I’m pretty used to it as I have to show my ID so often – when I have a set of car keys right in my hand (you’re only allowed to legally drive on your own from the age of 18 in Germany) and I’m the only one around able to drive said car. Still get asked for an ID! But I usually take it as more of a compliment and hope that I continue to look younger long into at least my 30s! xD

    For me, my skin usually freaks out whenever I wear makeup while out and about – especially if it’s an all day kind of things because my skin’s just not used to it.

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    1. I get challenged for my ID all the time. I know I look young but the comments people sometimes say drive me mental. I once got told I couldn’t buy a game that was a 12 rating because I didn’t have ID for it. I had my car keys in my hand and everything. That’s the thing it will benefit us all in later years and that’s the thing to remember. If I look young in my 40s I’ll be happy!

      My skin wasn’t used to being without it. I think skin just freaks out when you do something that isn’t normal for it!

      Liked by 1 person

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