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Walking With Wolves

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Hey guys, today is going to be a bit of a different post, hope you don’t mind! Last Christmas David got one of the coolest presents ever off his parents, a chance to walk to wolves! We did just that in August and I knew I had to write a blog post on the experience!

predator_logoPredator Experience can be found in the Lake District in the UK and is run by animal enthusiasts Dee and Daniel. They have years of experience when it comes to birds of prey and animal management. Dee and Daniel are looking to promote the conservation of birds of prey and other predators through unusual but brilliant methods of education. Predator experience take a lot of pride in offering once-in-lifetime unforgettable experiences. They offer a variety of experience and the one we chose was walking with Wolves.

Walking with Wolves was definitely worth the trip. It took me and David a while to find IMG_3858Predator Experience despite putting the direction in on both of our phones. We drove down a road in the middle of nowhere hoping we were going in the right direction and there was Daniel waving at us as if he knew we had been having issues finding the place. We then drove towards a reservoir following the van that had Maska and Kajika, the wolf hybrids, in the back!

Dee and Daniel introduced us to the wolf hybrids and explained what we would be doing on the walk. Me and David would be walking Maska and the other couple that were there would be walking Kajika. We then set off on a walk around the reservoir. Whilst we wandered around the reservoir with the wolf hybrids, Dee and Daniel taught us about the wolfs and how they came about looking after them. As well as the different subspecies of wolves, their social ranking and how they communicate with one another.

Along the walk we got a lot of opportunities to take pictures with the wolves and even get to hear them howl with one another. Me and David learnt so much about the wolf hybrids in the hour we were walking with them.

Walking with Wolves is definitely the perfect Christmas present for anyone who has a love of animals! Predator Experience offer a huge variety of experiences with birds of prey, wolf hybrids and even foxes! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all animal lovers!

Thank you so much to Predator Experience for having us for the morning! Be sure to check out their website! This is an honest review of our experience and we weren’t sponsored to say this. We just wanted to spread the word about the wonderful experience, as we had such an amazing time!

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