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January 2018 is a wrap!

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January has been one heck of a month! I hardly posted in the last few months of 2017 I gave myself a challenge to post everyday in January. I actually did that! I posted every single day in January, I have no idea how but I have done it. It has made me so motivated to read and blog and I am so happy about that.

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I am so proud of myself and how much I managed to read this month. I actually read before bed every single night and listened to audio books whilst doing work or in the car. Audio books are one of my new favourite things, they help me stay calm in the car, they focus me and I get to listen to a book. So here are the 4 books I read this month!

  • Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher
  • Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron
  • The Last Star by Rick Yancey
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Reviews for each of these books will be coming very soon!

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I am so proud with how much I posted this month. I wrote and posted 32 blog posts this month! That is amazing for me. I have so much love for blogging again and can’t wait to see what February holds! Here are my top 5 posts of January:

 – Some Kind of Wonderful Quote
– Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Disliked But Love To Discuss
– Top 5 Wednesday: Books I didn’t get to in 2017!
– Headline New Voices 2018 Event!
– Wildest Dreams Book Box Unboxing: Into the Jungle!

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Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.39.11.pngI am looking to read 30 books this year which is a few more than last year. I am actually going to be putting £5 aside for every book that I read and seeing how much money I have saved up at the end of the year. This month I have read 4 books which I am really happy with. This means I am actually 2 books ahead of schedule with my reading goal for 2018. I hope I can keep this up in February!

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A lot happened in January. I went to two blogger events, 1 concert, I bought a new car and I changed my hair colour!

IMG_4684.JPGThe first thing I did this month was buy a new car. Now, I wouldn’t have been buying a new car for a couple of years if I hadn’t had a car crash on the way to work on ice. My car was written off so I need a new one. I decided on a purple Vauxhall Adam. Purple is my favourite colour and I have wanted Vauxhall Adam for a while now. I love my car, even if I still panic whilst driving I love my car.

I was invited to the Headline New Voices even in Manchester this month. I had a wonderful time with Kimi, Fiona and Katie. Met some new authors and game away with some wonderful books. I even wrote about this event and you can find that here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 17.20.49.pngI went to see Paramore in the middle of January with my younger sister. We have never seen Paramore live before but loved it! I listened to Paramore non-stop in my car after the concert. It was such a fun show and I will certainly be going to see them again if it is possible.

I decided on a whim this month to dye my hair red. I have dyed my hair red before and I had Ariel coloured hair at one point. I never want to bleach my hair and want to go back to my natural colour quite quickly, so I only ever use semi permanent dye. I look a little bit ginger at the minute with it washing out.

IMG_4855.JPGFinally this month I went to the third Teensgate blogger event. This one was sponsored by Penguin who sent us some lovely books. I walked away from the event with around 14 books thanks to Kimi and Fiona for bringing in a small library of their own books to give out and also because I cannot control myself when in a books store and I bought more books! I will be posting a blog post on this event very soon going into a little more detail. I love going to the blogger events and meeting local bloggers and seeing my friends. I cannot wait for the next one! The picture of me and Amy was posted on the TEENSgate twitter after the event. Be sure to check out Amy’s blog she is lovely and posts some amazing things!

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There you have it, January is finally over! This month has felt so long but I got so much done! I can’t wait to see what February holds.

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