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10 Thoughts You Have Whilst In A Bookstore

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I recently visited my favourite branch of Waterstones, the Manchester Deansgate branch and was wandering about thinking. I was thinking about what goes through my head every time I am in a bookstore. After visiting Waterstones twice in one week, this felt like the appropriate post to write! Here are 10 thoughts I’m sure book fans have whilst in a book store!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.591) You do not need any more books, have you seen your shelves! Having a look in this bookstore isn’t going to hurt I suppose in I go!

2) Where is the YA section of this store I need to find it right now and what new releases do they have?

3) Ooo, look at that book cover, it is so beautiful! The book doesn’t sound interesting to me at all but the cover certainly interests me.

4) I have been waiting to get a copy of this new release for so long, I must buy it now even though it was sit on my TBR for 2 years before I bother to pick it up again.

5) So, this author has released new versions of all of their books. I already have all the old versions but obviously I need all the new versions just to sit on my shelf and look pretty.

6) Ooo, the buy one get one half price table I have to get at least four books from this table, it is the only option.

7) Signed by the author! I must get this immediately, signed books are like gold dust.

8) How did I manage to be holding seven books all of a sudden, how did they all fall into my hands?

9) I need to go and pay for these books before any more damage is done to my bank account!

10) Well, that was detrimental to my bank account but I’ll probably be back next week!

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Do these sound familiar to you? What are your thoughts when you visit a bookstore, let me know!

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3 thoughts on “10 Thoughts You Have Whilst In A Bookstore

  1. My thought when I’m in the book store, “Hello good friends!” Touches covers lovingly, “I remember you. I haven’t read you yet. Gosh your beautiful. Why ohh why do I have no money right now!!!!”


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