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Question Time with Alice Oseman – Author of I Was Born for This

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Recently, I got the chance to interview Alice Oseman, the author of I Was Born for This. The amazing Kimi at Waterstones Deansgate gave me this opportunity and I am so grateful. This is the first of a few question times that will be coming soon! I have had an exciting few weeks when it comes to interviewing.

Let’s get on with the questions!

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L = Lois

A = Alice

thumbnailL: How would you describe I Was Born for This is five words?

A: Oh, god! It doesn’t have to be a sentence, does it?

L: No!

A: Ok, so, boyband, fangirl, obsession, passion and paranoia.

L: What was your inspiration behind writing I Was Born for This?

A: Well, I wanted to write a book about a super-rich, super famous, boyband. Obviously, all my books kind of deal with fandom as well. So, I though alright that’s the perfect way to sort of combine these two things and contrast these two different worlds. So, it started with the boyband idea and it kind of developed into a book I guess.

L: I started it, just after my boyfriend’s Grandma had passed away, who was very much my own Grandma. I was reading it and my boyfriend said he has never seen me sit and read a book as quick in his life. His Mum also said what are you doing, you’ve been sat there for 6 hours and all I could reply was I’m reading this amazing book!

L: Angel reminded me so much of myself as a teenager, because I was so obsessed with boybands. How did you go about creating her character is she inspired by anyone in real-life or did she just come straight out of your imagination?

A: Not inspired by anyone in real-life, just by sort of fangirls everywhere. Like, a lot of my friends when I was a teenager were obsessive fangirls. When I was 13 it was the Jonas Brothers, who were like the big boyband that everyone loved. I’ve never been like Angel, like that obsessed.

L: Oh, god I was!

A: Lots of people were believe me! I just like, find it really interesting to watch people with their obsessions. And, to represent fangirls in a positive way because often people just portray them as sad teenage girls who are just screaming about hot guys. But there is so much more to it than that and that is where Angel was born.

L: How much research did you do into fandoms and being part of a fandom?

A: As I said I do lurk in fandoms. I don’t really contribute to any fandoms but I follow lots of blogs, I keep up with all of the gossip, and I just know I think for that reason a lot about fandom. That is the research that I did and have been doing for years. Even before I had the idea for this book.

L: I found my fangirl blog recently. I was obsessed with 5SOS.

A: Ah, yes!

L: It is just pictures of Luke Hemmings all the way through.

A: Oh, god!

L: What was it like writing your third book and now going into your fourth? Did your writing experience differ from your first two books?

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A: I found this book a lot easier to write than my second book. I think because

I had the dreaded book two syndrome, where book two was just horrifically hard to write for some reason. But book three, I planned it really quickly in comparison to my other books and wrote it quite quickly as well. I don’t know why that happened. I just had a very clear vision of what I wanted it to be. But now I’m on book four it’s like a lot harder again.

L: So, hard every second book then. What was it like to have any of your books published?

A: Amazing, obviously. When I submitted my first book to agents when I was 18, I think, yeah when I was 18. I did not think anything was going to come of it, I was just like I’ve got nothing to lose, I’ll just try and something good came out of it. Obviously, it is just amazing.

L: What was and is it like to see so many people love I Was Born for This?

A: Really cool like the reaction to this book has actually been amazing. It has been so much bigger compared to my last two books. There has been so many people posting pictures and tweeting about it. It’s really exciting for me.

L: What is your writing process like?

A: I guess, I would describe my writing process as, it changes every time. But I would say I’m a planner, I need to plan the plot and the characters very clearly before I actually start writing. I can’t really do anything until I know what the plot is going to be.

L: What is your favourite book/books of 2018? They can be from previous years, just that you have read this year.

A: Now I can’t remember anything I’ve read! I read, I finally read V.E Schwab A Darker Shade of Magic series. After being obsessed with her for years, she is my author idol. I am just obsessed with those they are really good.

L: What other authors inspire you?

A: Well, V.E Schwab I would say is probably the most inspiring person for me.

L: What other books would you recommend to fans of I Was Born for This?

A: Anything by Non Pratt definitely recommend, also books by David Owen I would recommend. (Alice later at the event said books by Jandy Nelson are others she would recommend).

L: What is your “dessert island” book?

A: Probably Catcher in the Rye

L: You answered this a little before but are you part of any fandoms or do you just lurk?

A: I just lurk!

L: Hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books?

A: I think I prefer paperbacks, I don’t like hardbacks they are just annoying.

L: I actually first found you through your drawings, weirdly.

A: Oh, ok!

L: Have you always illustrated or was it just a hobby that took off?

A: Yeah, it was just a hobby, I’ve always drawn my characters. Even when I was writing Solitaire. I drew them all the time.

L: Drink of choice whilst reading or writing?

A: Diet Coke, I’m an addict.


L: Hogwarts House?

A: Ravenclaw!

L: Favourite Superhero?

A: Thor, does he count?

L: Of course!

L: Morning or night?

A: Night

L: Last question, cats or dogs?

A: I think it has got to be dogs!

L: Thank you!

You can find Alice on Twitter here, on Instagram here and on her website here!

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Look out for the other interviews coming on my blog soon!

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