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YALC Book Haul!

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It has been a week since I was at YALC and I am having serious withdrawals! I posted a wrap-up of YALC the other day which you can find here. I thought I would separate the wrap-up from the haul! I came home from YALC with just short of 20 books! Let’s get into the haul!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Early Releases

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Katherine Webber

37903962 (1)Sometimes a broken heart is all you need to set you free… Reiko loves the endless sky and electric colours of the Californian desert. It is a refuge from an increasingly claustrophobic life of family pressures and her own secrets. Then she meets Seth, a boy who shares a love of the desert and her yearning for a different kind of life. But Reiko and Seth both want something the other can’t give them. As summer ends, things begin to fall apart. But the end of love can sometimes be the beginning of you… “

I had to grab a copy of this book when I saw that it was available early at YALC. I love Katherine and her previous book, so I was super excited to get this.

Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne

39297840 (1)“Welcome to Camp Reset, a summer camp with a difference. A place offering a shot at “normality” for Olive, a girl on the edge, and for the new friends she never expected to make – who each have their own reasons for being there. Luckily Olive has a plan to solve all their problems. But how do you fix the world when you can’t fix yourself?”

This was another book I was super excited about getting early whilst at YALC. I love Holly Bourne’s work and I have been excited about this book for a long while.

Giant Days by Non Pratt

39507199“Daisy, the innocent home-schooled girl; Susan, the sardonic wit; and Esther, the vivacious drama queen. While the girls seem very different, they become fast friends during their first week of university. And it’s a good thing they do, because in the giant adventure that is college, a friend who has your back is key–something Daisy discovers when she gets a little too involved in her extracurricular club, the Yogic Brethren of Zoise.”

The final early release I got was by one of my favourite authors, Non Pratt. I love the graphic novels of Giant Days, so I was super excited that a book had been written by none other than Non Pratt.

Other Books!

I am going to quick fire these next set of books because there is a lot of them! I bought all of these after being recommended them or having wanted them for ages.

The Baby by Lisa Drakeford
The Look by Sophia Bennett
The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti
All of This is True by Lydia Day Penaflor
Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley
Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley
The Smell of Other Peoples Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Moondust by Gemma Fowler
Bucky F*cking Dent by David Duchovny
She, Myself and I by Emma Young
Nowhere Else but Here by Rachel Cotton
Clean by Juno Dawson


I ended up getting three ARCs whilst I was at YALC, I didn’t plan on getting any. Two of them I got when I bought books from one of the stands. The other I won a giveaway for!

The History of Jane Doe by Michael Belanger
The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold
Neverworld Wake by Marissa Pessl

So, that is all the books I got whilst I was at YALC! I am now going on a book buying ban for August! I am hoping I stick to it! Did you go to YALC? What books did you buy? Let me know in the comments!

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Don’t forget to check out my YALC wrap-up here!

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