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2019 Reading Goals

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The other day I posted my 2019 Blogging Goals. It made me think about my goals when it comes to reading for the year. I don’t have as many goals for reading as I feel it would take the enjoyment out of reading for me. I do have a few reading goals though. Here they are!

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Read 30 Books

joshua-coleman-623144-unsplash (1)This is the same number of books I would like to read as last year. I read 60 books in 2018 but I don’t want to set my reading goal too high as I feel it puts pressure on myself when it comes to reading and makes it less enjoyable. I am planning on reading even more Graphic Novels this year than I did in 2018 as these are the books, I feel in love with reading last year.

Go to More Book Events

This is another goal I had last year and want to continue in 2019. I love going to book event, meeting authors and most importantly meeting more bookish people. It has certainly made me love reading a lot more over the past year. Being able to discuss books with like minded people is one of my favourite things to do. By going to more book events, I feel I will make more friends in the book world, which means more people to discuss books with.

Read Books for Different Genres

fabiola-penalba-620734-unsplashAt the minute I don’t read much other than YA Contemporary, a few bits of YA Fantasy and Graphic Novels. This year I want to branch out into reading more genres. I would love to read a couple of classics this year if I have the chance. As well as picking up more books within the Sci-Fi genres. I want to widen the genres that I read, and I can only do that by trying to read different genres.

Spend More Time Reading

This is one I am going to focus on this year. I spend a lot of time sat with my book next to me whilst I watch a TV show or movie. This year I want to stop watching TV at a certain time each night and then spend the rest of the night reading before bed. I feel like that would make me read more and dedicate more time to reading. Whereas now I get stuck into a TV show and then don’t read at night.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

There you have it, my reading goals for 2019! What are you reading goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

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