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Slay on Tour – Kim Curran

Book ReviewSlay on Tour is the second book in the Slay series by Kim Curran! This means that Slay are back! Only this time they are heading to Tokyo to find another hell-raising demon. Whilst they are in Tokyo they get invited on tour with a super cool and interesting band of holographic girls. Slay then find themselves whisked off around Japan. When strange things start happening on their tour train, suddenly Slay realise it is not just their fans that are following their every move!

mvimg_20181223_144222This book series brings me so much joy whilst I am reading about Slay and all their demon-slaying antics! There is something about these books and how they are written that just grips you as a reader for a fun-filled hectic train ride!

This book series is as I have said before boyband meets Supernatural. For someone who has always loved boybands like 5SOS, One Direction and McFly as well as the TV show Supernatural this book series is perfect for me. If you love those things too, it is perfect for you!

As soon as I saw that the cover and synopsis of this book had been released, I knew I had to read it immediately. This was the first book I read in 2019, after being in a little reading slump, this book got me right out of the slump. I couldn’t put this book down which is exactly that same thing that happened when I read the first book in the series. It is such an addictive book filled with incredible characters and Kim Curran has certainly done it again and written an excellent Young Adult novel!

Once again, I loved the characters in this book. All the member of Slay have different characteristics that are lovable for readers. Tom was placed more in the spotlight in this book which I was a big fan of. He was the character from the first book that I wanted to learn more about! Milly is still an extraordinary character! I love what she brings to the book and how strong she is throughout the book. The other thing I loved that was added to this book in terms of characters was the holographic band of girls. They brought something totally unique to this book. The villains in this book are once again terrifying but also surprising in who they are, so look out for that!

The demon slaying storyline was excellent again. It just makes me want to read more books all about demons. Also, I have found a new love for mythology in books. Especially Japanese mythology, it is fascinating, and I went off and researched it a lot more after finishing this book. If you are a fan of demons and mythology this book is for you!

In the previous book in the series I struggled with the different perspectives that the book switched between. I didn’t struggle with this at all with this book. It came naturally to read it from different perspectives and the change between perspectives was a lot more obvious!

Slay on Tour was certainly an amusing, fun and enjoyable read that I didn’t want to put down. I am hoping that there will be more instalments in this wonderful series in the future because I will certainly be picking them up. Kim Curran has done it again and written a captivating book that you cannot put down!

Overall, I loved this book and cannot recommend it enough. Especially if you are a fan of Supernatural and boybands!

Thank you to Usborne, Stevie Hopwood and Kim Curran for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Also, make sure you check out my interview with Kim Curran here, in which I discuss Slay on Tour and bookish things with Kim!

4 StarsLineHappy Reading

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